Monsters Kickstarter Game Project

Reve Studios and Gray Squid Division want your help. Well. actually they want you to back their 2d platform puzzle game called Monsters, due out on iOS, PC and Mac platforms, at Kickstarter. They have eight days to raise about $62,000. Help them. (more…)

Back Nomsters Game on Kickstarter

You have 20 plus hours left to back Nomsters, a fast paced arcade puzzle game from New York based indie game studio Large Animal Games, on KickStarter. (more…)

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download

Streamline Studios and Coke Zero released a really cool iOS arcade game called Axon Runners for $3.99 as a universal iOS game for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. Streamline Studios describes “Axon Runners as a futuristic 3D hoverboard action game for mobile”.

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Streamline Studios set Axon Runners in a city of the future called
Persepolis where the main character named Julio searches for two friends who have disappeared while trying to discover the secrets of the mysterious energy tunnels, called the Nightstream. You must join Julio in his dangerous mission to unravel the trail of corporate espionage that will lead them through the city of Persepolis to save the two missing Axon Runners and eventually themselves.

We think the game controls really make Axon Runners unique. Then screen displays the character floating in the air on an elevated skateboard. You swipe the screen slowly to move him forward. You swipe quickly to get him to jump. You tap the screen with two fingers to blast your enemies. Jumping higher accelerates your flight through the air testing your eye hand coordination. In other words it gets harder to prevent a crash.

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Here’s a more detailed description of Axon Runners from Streamline Studios:

“Axon Runners features 15 levels of fast-paced gameplay that will test players’ skill and agility in three modes of play, including Campaign, Challenge and Nightstream. First players must choose a character from six available at launch, each with a different outfit and look, and then a hoverboard. But with 10 different hoverboards available at launch, each with unique attributes, such as slowing down the time matrix to accomplish “super jumps” or shoot shockwaves to destroy obstacles in the way, the choice must be made carefully. Players are rewarded for in-game accomplishments and tasked to collect energy orbs throughout each level, providing hours of replayability. Join the ranks of the Axon Runners and enter the Nightstream now!”

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Graffiti Heaven iOS Android Puzzle Game

Are you looking to increase your level of patience and focus? Graffiti Heaven, a puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms will definitely help you do this if you stick with it. A group of Italian game development students who call themselves “Just Another Indie Game Company” collaborated to release Graffiti Heaven this week. Graffiti Heaven costs $.99 for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch and $0.99 for Android version.

Graffiti Heaven iOS Game Download $0.99

Graffiti Heaven Android Game Download $0.99

In Graffiti Heaven a graffiti artist’s soul gets trapped in graffiti after his death. You must free his soul by repainting graffiti art tilting your device to guide the paint brush along its path. If the paint brush travels outside the art you must restart the level. Graffiti Heaven features art from actual graffiti artists. Graffiti Heaven offers an unhurried game play experience. Buy this game if you want to help enhance your children’s patience.

Expand it iOS Puzzle Game Download

FDG Entertainment released Expand It! , a physics puzzle game consumers can download for the IPhone & IPod Touch for $0.99 and for $1.99 to their IPad device.

Expand It ! features Rainbow Dinosaurs who expand when they get excited. You tap the Rainbow Dinosaur to inflate them so they can reach the rainbow and you move onto the next level. As you progress the levels get more difficult where you have to coordinate the timing of the taps. We have seen elements of this game play before but FDG Entertainment’s execution looks unique. Kids and families will enjoy this game as well puzzle game fans.

Expand it! IPhone and IPod Touch Game Download $0.99
Expand it! IPad Game Download $1.99

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game Download

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Arcade Game

Moon Active Games released Bitter Sam, a clever iOS Physics game priced at $0.99.

Bitter Sam features Sam, a little creature kidnapped by a scientist who forces Sam to search a bottomless pit for special crystals. The scientist lowers Sam on a rope into the pit and you must tilt your device to swing Sam away from danger like stones and cutting devices and towards the crystals to acquire them. We breezed through the first four levels which act as the tutorial but were stopped cold on the five level. The obstacles get trickier and the power-ups get harder to acquire without cutting the rope and dropping Sam to his death. (more…)

Zombie Burst iOS Game Download

Zombie Pea Head from Zombie Burst Game

Another day, another Zombie themed video game. This time Los Angeles based CatFoster Media released Zombie Burst on the iOS platform priced at $0.99. Consumers can also buy Mrs. O’Leary’s (Chicago Fire) lantern for an additional $0.99. (more…)

Ant Raid Free iOS Download thru April 26th 2012

IPad and IPhone users can download and play the RTS game Ant Raid from Prank Entertainment through the end of April 26th. Ant Raid normally costs 2.99 for the IPad and $0.99 for IPhone.

Ant Raid for IPhone
Ant Raid for IPad

Here’s the Ant Raid description from Prank Entertainment:

Ant Raid is a lightweight RTS-type-of game playing around a cheerful horror theme. Players help a vibrant colony of ants survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters by the toxic fumes of insecticide. Ant Raid contains 100 playable levels, 4 endless modes, 300 collectible stars, 24 enemy types, Game Center support for 47 Achievements and 5 world-wide Leaderboards and a complete localization support for 8 languages.

Ant Raid for IPhone
Ant Raid for IPad

Centrifeud IPad Party Game Download

Atlanta based Indie game developer Secret Library released their first game called Centrifeud, described as a “party” game for the IPad priced at $1.99 and requires iOS 4.2 or later. In Centrifeud each player must earn points by touching the corner of your opposition’s color. A creative simple concept. (more…)

MeatBot Upcoming Mobile Game Trailer

“AMAZING MeatBot!” Trailer (iPhone/Android/mobile game) from Milkman Games on Vimeo.

We came across this game trailer for MeatBot from San Francisco based indie game developer Milkman Games. The game features an anti veggy robot named Meatbot who clearly prefers meat for his nourishment. The game play looks interesting with some original mechanics and some influenced from games like Fruit Ninja. You flick Meatbot’s head to allow the meat to fly into his mouth and let the head drop to block the veggies from gaining entrance into Meatbot’s oral orifice. You will also be able to slice the veggies in half a la Fruit Ninja. MeatBot comes out April 19th on multiple platforms: iOS, Kindle, Android, BlackBerry, Nook and HP’s Web OS. Prices are TBD.

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