Spring Bonus Puzzle Game Out On Mobile – iOS, Android and Nook

Vancouver, Canada based Grey Alien Games partnered with Hot Head Games to publish Spring Bonus, their seasonal themed match three puzzle game on iOS, Android and Nook devices. Summer Bonus offers match 3 puzzle lovers a spring themed game featuring cuddly bunnies, carrots, different colored Easter Eggs, carrots and flowers. Spring Bonus’ game play may not be the most unique in the world but if you like match 3 puzzle games you will like this one. We started playing the pc version and before we know it an hour passed by. Match 3 puzzle games hypnotize us. iOS users can get Spring Bonus for free with paid upgrades while Android and Nook users will have to pay $1.99. Kindle Fire and Windows Phone users can also by Spring Bonus for $1.99.

Spring Bonus Nook Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Spring Bonus Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

Android Phone
Spring Bonus Android Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Kindle Fire
Spring Bonus Kindle Fire Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Windows Phone
Spring Bonus Windows Phone Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Connectrode iOS Puzzle Game Download

We came across a fantastic puzzle game for the iOS platform called Connectrode created by Deep Plaid Games who say Tetris, Drop7, Dr. Mario, and Bejeweled games all influenced the game design. Many many game developers and publishers uses the adjective “addictive” to describe their work. Rarely does it apply. In the case of Connectrode we use words hypnotically addictive to describe this great puzzle game. (more…)

Canyon Dash iOS Game Download

Gavin Clifton, a one man indie game developer, released Canyon Dash on the ios platform for $0.99. In Canyon Dash, you guide a railroad cart down train tracks by tilting your ios device. You collect gold and gems for bonus points and dynamite to blow up giant boulders blocking the track. We like the tilting element but would like an option to use touch to guide the rail cart. The options to choose come very fast and tilting the screen makes it harder to see them. Maybe the game developer designed the game that way purposely. You will get your money’s worth with Canyon Dash.

Canyon Dash iOS Game Download $0.99

Angry Birds Space Game Download

Rovio, Rovio where at thou? Pigs and Birds in space. NASA involvement. Rovio released Angry Birds Space for multiple platforms – iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Somehow Rovio transported Angry Birds and innocent pigs in space where the birds take their anger issues out on the sweet little pigs. For those of you who haven’t been to space the laws of gravity and physics work differently than on our planet. For example when you fling an Angry bird on earth at first the bird rises towards the target but the Angry Bird’s rate of elevation slows to the point it starts to drop. In Angry Birds Space the Angry Birds will move in a straight line unless something changes it collides with an object like a moon or satellite to change its direction. (more…)

Letris Power iOS Game Download

Bear with us one second.  A game company called Ivanovich Games sent us a confusing press release about two of their games, Letris 2 and Letris Power where they blended elements of Tetris and Scrabble like Ben & Jerry’s combination of cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate fudge brownies to make their Half Baked ice cream flavor. They have made a great game harder than Tetris and Scrabble. Consumers can play both Letris 2 and Letris Power for free on the ios platform.  Conceptually the games’ concepts are simple and we suspect many game developers will say “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?  Oh wait, I’ll just clone it.” If you haven’t noticed many game developers clone other game developers original game concepts because they lack creativity. (more…)

Galaxy Dash iOS Game Download

Korean based game developer ATO has decided to temporarily their new 3D dash running game, ‘Galaxy Dash’ free for a limited time. In Galaxy Dash you guide the main character through an intergalactic tube connecting galaxy’s to each other. Galaxy Dash reminds us of Temple Run in a spaced themed place that looks like Tron. Galaxy Dash will challenge your reflexes. (more…)

Sprinkle iOS Physics Puzzle Game Download

Angry Birds meets Where’s My Water” describes Sprinkle, a physics puzzle game from Mediocre Studios. You must use a water cannon mounted on a crane to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps. If you like Angry Birds or Where’s My Water you will like this game. (more…)

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download

Warspark and Armor Games released Siege Hero, one of the best Angry Birds clones we have come across. Kingdoms are under siege by the bad guys and you have to retake castles. Rather than launching projectiles from the left to the right sides of the screen you actually launch them from the front to the back so to speak. The projectiles include boulders, rocks, barrels of oil, flasks of liquid fire and bombs. Sometimes you have to strategically destroy a bridge or bridges to knock down the siege participants (See the video of level 2-8 below). Even though it does resemble Angry Birds to some degree, Warspark’s unique take on the physics puzzle genre makes Siege Hero a worthwhile download. Siege Hero is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later and costs $0.99 and the HD version costs $2.99.

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Don’t Fry the Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Don't Fry The Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Black Torch Games released “Don’t Fry The Game” as a free to play game on the iOS Platform. You must make sure the Frog eats the “right” kind of healthy bugs by zapping the not so healthy bugs. You create the zapping by touching two fingers to your screen at the same time. You move your fingers towards the zapping targets while avoiding the frog and healthy flys. Don’t Fry the Frog has promise although you need both hands on your device to play the game. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad requiring iOS 4.3 or later. Consumers can play Don’t Fry the Frog for free and pay for a jar of Fly pennies. (more…)

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download Coming March 15th

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download

How Bitter is Sam? Why is Sam Bitter? Apparently, Sam’s life has never been easy. Who’s life has been easy, Sam? When you were in your mother’s womb did someone promise you an easy life?

He’s been overlooked by his family, did shitty in school and lost out on love… and now scientist kidnapped and tossed him into a bottomless pit to search for crystals which hold a secret power. You will find out more when independent game developer Moon Active releases their first game called Bitter Sam on the iPhone and IPod Touch on March 15, 2012 priced at $0.99. Moon Active describes Bitter Sam as a “tilt based action puzzler”. (more…)

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