To-Fu 2 Apple Game of the Year RunnerUp

We receive many press releases from game developers who simply ported their PC game to the iOS platform and Android platforms. The games may be first person shooters or match 3 puzzle games. So many of these games fail to take advantage of the unique elements of the iOS and touch pad platform capabilities. They are simply plain old PC games “fixed” to work on the iOS or Android platforms. Happily we cannot say this about a game called To-Fu 2, created by UK based HotGen which Apple named RunnerUp Best Game of 2011. We are embarrassed we missed To-Fu 2 when it came out earlier this September. (more…)

Elf Rescue iOS Platform Game Download

Lapland Studios released Elf Rescue, an action platform game allegedly approved by Santa Claus. Santa also interviewed for a job at Lapland Studios seen above in the video. Elf Rescue costs $0.99. (more…)

Pop Bubble Pop iOS Kids Game Download

Appshen and Wide Eyed Entertainment released Pop Bubble Pop in a both lite (free) and paid ($0.99) versions for the IPhone and IPad. Families and kids will enjoy this simple innocuous arcade game. The title “Pop Bubble Pop” describes the game perfectly. The game player must pop bubbles in many forms (Pigs, Air balloons, bubbles) while avoiding the poison bubbles. Pop Bubble Pop lite offers one game mode – marathon and one location – tranquil town. While the paid version offers both single player and mulitplayer, marathon & time attack, and three locations – tranquil town, graceful garden and midnight city. (more…)

Foodie the Bug iOS Arcade Game Download

Megacubic released Foodie the Bug, a side scrolling arcade game where the game player tilts their device to keep the main character, Foodie, as he flies around landmarks. Foodie powers his flights with jelly beans and collects ingredients as he works his way towards becoming a master chef. Megacubic produced a unique fun game. Foodie the Bug costs $0.99.

Here’s the description from Megacubic:

Foodie the Bug, on the iPhone App Store. This tilt-based flying game tells the story of Foodie, an extraordinary cockroach who desires to embark on a journey to discover tasty ethnic cuisines to fulfill his picky appetite. Combining game elements of both adventure and arcade, Foodie the Bug allows players to assume the role of Foodie that flies to the exotic destinations in a given amount of time and collects different food ingredients along the way.

Foodie the Bug iOS Arcade Game Download

“As our first game release, Foodie the Bug is a huge milestone for. We have received many positive comments from the pre-launch event of the game, and we’re confident that people will fall in love with such an adorable figure as Foodie.” remarked Kenny Su, Founder and CEO of MegaCubic. “In the meantime, we will continue to roll out more high-quality games in the near future.”

Foodie the Bug features various levels for each of its three main game settings: Egypt, Mexico and Italy. Each level is filled with jelly beans, collectibles, and multiple aids. Players will have to avoid obstacles such as Egyptian mummies or Italian mafia in order to finish the level. There are also numerous achievements and international dishes for players to unlock and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Game Center. ”

Foodie the Bug iOS Arcade Game Download

Courage Wolf Jump iOS Tilt Platform Game Download

Courage Wolf Jump iOS Platform Game

Rocket Splash Games released Courage Wolf Jump, a tilt based vertical scrolling platform game. The Courage Wolf Jump game player must tilt the device to direct the wolf onto each platform level. Courage Wolf doesn’t offer much in way of a story or plot. You must collect coins which enable you to buy new weapons and equipment. (more…)

Yachty Free iOS Dice Game Download

Yahtzee iOS Game Download

Rubicon Mobile released Yachty, free ad supported dice game based on Yahtzee for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch priced at $0.00 (We said its free). The rules follow Yahtzee’s rules. We wonder how long will it take Hasbro to shut this game down. Hasbro owns the Yahtzee brand. (more…)

Save the Pencil iOS Game Download

Perfect Dimension released Save The Pencil, an unoriginal puzzle game for iPhone/iPod Touch for $0.99. The game player must “Save the pencil” by connecting the dots, green to yellow to black to red, while avoiding obstacles like paper clips and rulers. Where’s the creativity? (more…)

Bejeweled and Bejeweled Blitz IPhone Game Download

Bejeweled Blitz Screenshot

Popcap released new updates of Bejeweled and Bejeweled Blitz for the IPhone and the IPod Touch. The new Bejeweled costs $0.99 while Popcap released Bejeweled Blitz using the freemium model. Consumers get the Blitz mode of Bejeweled, with new graphics and smoother gameplay, entirely for free. Consumers can purchase coins to buy in-game power-ups (‘boosts’), but they don’t have to spend anything at all if the choose and they’ll earn coins simply by playing for free. We will post the links to the ITunes North American Store when they magically appear in our ITunes application. (more…)

Puzzled Rabbit IPhone/IPad/IPod Touch and Android Game Download

Pixel Elephant released Puzzled Rabbit, a sokoban style puzzle game for the IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch and Android platforms priced at $0.99. Players help a rabbit move boxes around 200 levels. Not a very original game concept. Puzzled Rabbit also comes in an HD version on the IPad. (more…)

Egg Punch Free iOS Game Download

Denmark based Pixel Juice released Egg Punch, a 3D egg themed miniature golf puzzle platform game for your IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch for free with in-app purchases. In a Egg Punch, a sneaky rabbit stole the feathers from the bird, the hero character. What’s with everyone attacking the birds? Anyway the game player must recover those feathers by aiming the egg (as opposed to the golf) at the feathers situated on each hole of the golf course. Pixel Juice designed each hole with obstacles like the ones you would find on a real world miniature golf course. You can earn coins or buy them through the in-app purchase system. Coins enable you to buy virtual items like new colorful eggs. (more…)

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