David Cross “Hits” Movie Kickstarter Campaign

David Cross Hits Movie Kickstarter Campaign

David Cross Hits Movie Kickstarter Campaign

David Cross, a comedic actor known for roles in Mr. Show, Arrested Development and the Chip Monk movies, launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the distribution of his movie called “Hits”. “Hits” tells the story of a father (Matt Walsh- VEEP) and his daughter (Meredith Hagner) who desires fame but her father complicates her efforts. Don’t all fathers do this? Cross wrote and directed “Hits”. Funny folks like Michael Cera, Wyatt Cenac, David Koechner, Jason Ritter, and Julia Stiles plus many more appear in “Hits.” (more…)

Steve Ice – Animated Silicon Valley Satire Kickstarter

Ice, Ice Baby. Oh. Not that Ice. Its Steve Ice, Silicon Valley’s first animated satire out raising money via Kickstarter. Alex Hagelis and Alvis Brigis created Steve Ice. They aspire to poke fun of Silicon Valley in the vein of South Park, The Simpsons and Family Guy. As someone who has witnessed many crazy happenings in Silicon Valley business we don’t they will run out of material, ever, even after mankind stops walking the earth.

Urban Putt: Steampunk Indoor Mini Golf Kickstarter

Do you like the SteamPunk style? Do you like real indoor miniature golf? Do you like San Francisco? Steve Fox, one of our former CNET co-workers launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign for his San Francisco indoor mini-golf course called Urban Putt to raise $50,000 to cover some construction expenses. (more…)

World War III KickStarter Project

Support the Kickstarter project to fund World War III, and IV. The Second City Network wrote and produced this funny satirical sketch.

Posted by Mahammad from the Syrian Electronic Army.

Crowdfunding Campaign for MelonDash – Casual Racing Game

Hey folks. Support an indie game developer. Meet Alex Solo, a game developer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for MelonDash, a casual watermelon racing game under development for iOS, Android, and Flash tentatively priced at $0.99. You can play a working demo of MelonDash in your browser with the Unity Plugin using this link: (more…)

Alpha Colony Kickstarter Project

DreamQuest Games launched a Kickstarter Fundraising campaign for their family friendly simulation game called Alpha Colony. DreamQuest hopes to raise $50,000 with their Kickstarter campaign. They have raised $10,000m already as of the time of the post. DreamQuest will release Alpha Colony on multiple platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Ouya in 2013.

In Alpha Colony you and three other colonists are dropped on a planet. You will explore the land, build structures and trade with other residents on the planet. The game encourages teamwork among the inhabitants by rewarding all players based on the success of the colony.

You can get more details on Alpha Colony and its Kickstarter campaign using this link.

Monsters Kickstarter Game Project

Reve Studios and Gray Squid Division want your help. Well. actually they want you to back their 2d platform puzzle game called Monsters, due out on iOS, PC and Mac platforms, at Kickstarter. They have eight days to raise about $62,000. Help them. (more…)

St Chicken Game Kickstarter

Freshaces, an indie game developer, launched a Kickstarter campaign for their game called St. Chicken. In the game you play as St. Chicken, a lost pet guppy with special healing powers. St. Chicken will be released for both iPad and iPod, iPhone and PC/Mac.

Support St Chicken at Kickstarter

Here’s the complete description of St. Chicken from Freshaces:

“St. Chicken is a unique and innovative game for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC where you’ll play as a lost pet guppy with special healing powers. Controlling St. Chicken, players spawn, nourish and protect a school of offspring, guiding them through a series of lakes and estuaries, in search of lost, sacred aquarium relics. Players unlock levels by spawning as many baby guppies (fry) as possible. (more…)

Developer Diary Entry #5: Why We Kickstarted

Guest Post Written by Katie Hallahan, from Phoenix Online Studios

Kickstarter and adventure games have gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to the campaign being run by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Adventures—in less than 24 hours, their promise of an old school adventure game raised over $1 million, breaking records for number of backers, most money raised (in 24 hours, and in total), and as of this writing, it’s reached $2,250,660 from 65,456 backers and still has 15 days to go. (more…)

Cognition Developer Diary: Running a Kickstarter Campaign

Cognition Erica Reed Mystery Game Download

Guest post from Katie Hallahan of Phoenix Online Studios, the creator of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thiller. Consumers can support Cognition Erica Reed’s Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter (described towards the end of the first Cognition Developer Diary) is an interesting new extension of social media. If you’ve ever wanted to be creative in a professional capacity, you’ve also run into the eternal problem of the starving artist: it’s not easy to get paid to create. But it’s really easy to blog and tweet! Enter the Kickstarter, a place where creative projects can utilize social media to share their projects and ideas and, hopefully, get the funding they need to get off the ground. (more…)

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