Spring Bonus Puzzle Game Out On Mobile – iOS, Android and Nook

Vancouver, Canada based Grey Alien Games partnered with Hot Head Games to publish Spring Bonus, their seasonal themed match three puzzle game on iOS, Android and Nook devices. Summer Bonus offers match 3 puzzle lovers a spring themed game featuring cuddly bunnies, carrots, different colored Easter Eggs, carrots and flowers. Spring Bonus’ game play may not be the most unique in the world but if you like match 3 puzzle games you will like this one. We started playing the pc version and before we know it an hour passed by. Match 3 puzzle games hypnotize us. iOS users can get Spring Bonus for free with paid upgrades while Android and Nook users will have to pay $1.99. Kindle Fire and Windows Phone users can also by Spring Bonus for $1.99.

Spring Bonus Nook Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Spring Bonus Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

Android Phone
Spring Bonus Android Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Kindle Fire
Spring Bonus Kindle Fire Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Windows Phone
Spring Bonus Windows Phone Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Beat Enigma iOS Puzzle Game Download

Francisco Padilla, an Indie Game Developer, released Beat Enigma, described as a casual puzzle game for iOS platform for $0.99. In Beat Enigma machines have taken over the world. You play as a hacker and member of the resistance and must crack the code using a match 3 dynamic. (more…)

Planet Buster iOS Android Puzzle Game Download

Exit Strategy Entertainment released their space pirate themed puzzle title Planet Buster on iPhone, iPad and Android devices for $2.99. Its a match 3 puzzle game! Wow. We haven’t seen one of these before. That’s sarcasm for those of you who are unfamiliar with our humor. Match 3 games, regardless of platform, are more common than the element oxygen. (more…)

Holiday Bonus iOS Android Game Download

Grey Alien Games released Holiday Bonus, a Christmas themed match 3 game for the iOS and Android platforms for $0.99. They have actually released two versions one with smaller levels for smaller screens and HD versions with larger levels for tablets. Holiday Bonus looks like a standard run of the mill match three game. Match 3 games were interesting years ago when PopCap’s Bejeweled first launched. Bejeweled created the Match 3 genre and hundreds of game developers cloned the concept like this game. (more…)

Spandex Force: Superhero U Game Download

Spandex Force Superhero U Game Download
Buy Spandex Force Superhero U $9.99

Independent game developer KarjaSoft released Spandex Force: Superhero U, a downloadable “tongue-in-cheek puzzle game with RPG and adventure elements” for the PC and Mac priced at $9.99. (more…)

Critical Mass Demo Download

Critical Mass Release Date Trailer

Critical Mass Game Demo Download
Buy Critical Mass $9.99

Manic Game Studio’s released the playable demo for their 3D puzzle game called Critical Mass available for sale on Steam and from the Manic Game Studio’s web site for $9.99. Critical Mass injects 3D into a match 3 game which kind of looks like a Rubik’s Cube. (more…)

Spring Bonus Match 3 Game Out

Spring Bonus Match 3 Game
Grey Alien Games released a spring themed downloadable match 3 game called Spring Bonus for both the PC and Mac for $9.99 in the US. Features include:

Smooth, fun match-3 gameplay
– Cute Spring-themed graphics
– Relaxed or Timed game modes
– Awesome Rainbow-powered Bonus items
– 100 unique levels
– Specially composed Spring music
– Can set backgrounds as Desktop Wallpaper (PC only)
– Universal Binary for Macs
– This game is DRM-free!

Download Spring Bonus

Buy Spring Bonus $9.99