Mechadroids Free Android Game Download

Cracker from Mechadroid

Cracker from Mechadroids

Deadworld Studios, a small UK based independent games company released Mechadroids a free-to-play, menu-based, massively multiplayer mech combat game with a satirical twist. (more…)

Centrifeud IPad Party Game Download

Atlanta based Indie game developer Secret Library released their first game called Centrifeud, described as a “party” game for the IPad priced at $1.99 and requires iOS 4.2 or later. In Centrifeud each player must earn points by touching the corner of your opposition’s color. A creative simple concept. (more…)

King of Opera iOS Free One Day Only December 16th


Tuokio, an Finnish indie studio maker multi-player video games, are offering King of Opera for free one day only December 16th. In King of Opera gamers play the role of one of four tenors and must knock the other three tenors off the stage to steal the spotlight while avoiding a bull tenor with super power. You can play against the computer or with your friends and family or complete strangers. (more…)

Yachty Free iOS Dice Game Download

Yahtzee iOS Game Download

Rubicon Mobile released Yachty, free ad supported dice game based on Yahtzee for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch priced at $0.00 (We said its free). The rules follow Yahtzee’s rules. We wonder how long will it take Hasbro to shut this game down. Hasbro owns the Yahtzee brand. (more…)

Dragons Vs. Unicorns Game Trailer

Digital Harmony Games released the first game play video for Dragons vs. Unicorns, a multiplayer video game they are developing for multiplatforms – iOS, Android Smartphones & Tablets, and PC & Mac browsers which they plan to release in 2012. This video includes a kitten who belongs to team Unicorn, fighting the deadly Turtle who represents team Dragon. (more…)

Ensign 1 Game Development Update

Leon Deckard, one of the stars of the game Ensign 1 shared this game development update with Harry Balls.

Ensign Monologue: Week 1

I signed up for the Ensign project today. I’m now part of the 200 man crew that will be sent as part of the Coalition’s most ambitious endeavor to find a new home for our people to live in. It’s been over a year now since deep space probes sent back intel of what looks to be our best hope of a new solar system capable of supporting life. No doubt the space pirates have also received word and are preparing something of their own. (more…)

Ensign 1 Multiplayer Space Combat Game Download

Brandon Smith, an indie game developer listed on Kickstarter, shared this game trailer for his multiplayer space shooter with a twist called Ensign 1. According to Brandon your character disregards operational discipline in the middle of a space ship dog fight to wander off to some large asteroid you see in the distance. (more…)

Jamestown Shooter Game Download

Final Form Games released Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, their downloadable top down shooter game set on the planet Mars in the 17th century. Jamestown looks very interesting and the concept of colonizing Mars in the 17th century entertains us to no end. Consumers can buy Jamestown for $9.99 from Steam, Direct2Drive and Gamersgate (links below). Jamestown allows four gamers to play together. (more…)

Frozen Synapse Game Download

Mode 7 released Frozen Synapse, a downloadable turn based strategy game out for the PC and Mac for $19.99. Consumers can buy Frozen Synapse directly from Mode 7 Games or Desura, Gamer’s Gate, GetGames, Matrix Games, Impulse, Steam. (more…)

Frozen Synapse Beta Demo Download

Frozen Synapse Game Download

Mode 7 Games plans to release Frozen Synapse, a downloadable turn based tactical game where you command a strike team while your opponent plots to defeat you in an sci-fi world very soon. Consumers can pro-order Frozen Synapse for the Mac or PC for $25.99. If consumer use the special code “STANCHER” they will get 30% off the pre-order and will also get the beta as part of the Frozen Synapse pro-order. Frozen Synapse offers both single player and multi-player game modes. The Frozen Synapse single player game option differs from the multiplayer in that single player game contains friendly factions which help the Frozen Synapse game players advance their campaigns. (more…)

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