Band Made Up of Arnold Schwarzeneggar Movie Characters

Band Made Up of Schwarzenegger Movie Characters

Band Made Up of Schwarzenegger Movie Characters

What does a “progressive metal hydra inspired by the legacy of One of earth’s Finest Physical specimens, Arnold Schwarzeneggar” look like? The band Schwarzenator is made up of musicians dressed as Arnold Schwarzeggar movie characters. You can hear their sound in this funny partially animated video called “Todd Blog” created by Doug Bressler/Doogtoons starring his animated persona Todd Brundle, a social media intern. (more…)

Substream Looking for Beta Testers

Ben Bradley, an independent game developer is looking for beta testers for his game Substream, a 3D action shooter with very interesting musical elements. (more…)

Shmusicup Game Download

Shmusicup Game Download
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Tzai Entertainment released Shmusicup described as “a hybrid of a rhythm/music game and a shoot’em up where the enemy bullet patterns are generated by any song chosen from the player’s own music collection.” Consumers can play both an online version of Shmusicup or download Shmusicup to their PC windows desktops. Tzai Entertainment is offering Shmusicup at a special price of $9.99, regularly priced at $14.99. The downloadable version of Shmusicup offers the following features: (more…)

Shmusicup Beta Out

Tzai Entertainment released the beta of Shmusicup (we don’t know how to pronounce the name either) which they describe as “a hybrid of a rhythm/music game and a shoot’em up. A vertical scrolling shooter where your mp3 generates the enemy’s bullet patter.” Shmusicup seems to be an abbreviation for “Shoot Music Up”. We think Shmusicup from Tzai Entertainment offers players who love music an interesting concept for a downloadable game. Tzai Entertainment offers the beta in an online format with required registration rather than as a downloadable. Tzai Entertainment does say they will offer the final version of Shmusicup as a downloadable.

You can access the online beta of Shmusicup at their web site url:

They show video ads while the game loads.