Rhombus Web Comedy Series Parody of Cube Trailer


Some of the folks behind Space Janitors, one of the funniest video web series, released this trailer for Rhombus which tells the story of seven complete strangers who possess unique qualities who are trapped in a giant Rhombus, everyone’s favorite shape from high school geometry.

Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman created Rhombus and describe it as a single-camera, 11-episode comedic-horror webseries that takes you inside a futuristic, alien, death-maze which parodies The Cube.

Man Vs Wild Parody by Theo & Friends

Here’s a funny video parody of the now cancelled Man Vs Wild starring Bear Gryllis. Theo & Friends produced the video.

A Bud of Marijuana Interviews Vladimir Putin’s Left Nipple About The Ukraine

A Bud of Sativa Marijuana-Interviews-Vladimir Putins-Left-Nipple

A Bud of Sativa Marijuana-Interviews-Vladimir Putins-Left-Nipple

Hello reader. You are looking at words written by a well-adjusted beautiful bud of sativa marijuana, the strain of pot that some folks prefer for its ability to help them unleash their inner mad creative genius. My parents named me Sativa Sue and I earn extra income by conducting and publishing satirical interviews with inanimate objects in the news for HarryBalls.com. Crazy Harry and his team published my first exclusive piece where I quizzed President Obama’s Golf Putter about the United States’ reaction to Russia’s incursion into the Crimean peninsula-part of the Ukraine.

Shortly after the putter piece hit the electronic newsstands, the left nipple of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin personally contacted me via Twitter to offer its own perspective to Obama’s putter’s comments. (more…)

Wolf of Warcraft Official Trailer Parody

We came across this pretty funny parody trailer of a Wolf of Wall Street/World of WarCraft movie created by PITtv. Even Martin Scorsese makes a cameo. Not really.

Funny Anurcize Exercise Video from Adult Swim

Here’s a funny anurcize exercise video from Adult Swim.

“Review” – New Comedy Central Show Starring Andy Daly Debuts March 6th


The bat shit crazy HarryBalls editorial team met Andy Daly, star of a new Comedy Central show debuting March 6th simply called “Review”. Daly stars as Forrest MacNeil, a critic who reviews life experiences like sleeping with a celebity, racism, running from the law, addiction and other fun activities as his family helplessly stands by. You may know Daly from MadTV and other random guest starring appearances.

Cast regulars include Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard, and James Urbaniak.

Joe Biden’s First Presidential Campaign Ad

Joe Biden partnered with the Conan O’Brien Communication’s team to produce this funny video ad of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Here’s his tagline: “There’s No Compelling Reason Not To Vote For the Opposite His Opponent.”

Chris Christie’s Blue Fleece Interviews The State of the Union Address

Chris Christie's Blue Fleece Interviews SOTUS

Chris Christie's Blue Fleece Interviews SOTUS

Yo! My name is Fleece. Blue fleece. But you should call me Mr. Blue. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wore me during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when he “conspired” with President Barack Obama to sabotage Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign by reaching across the aisle to “cooperate” with Obama as they jointly surveyed the damage and comforted victims of the hurricane. Imagine a sitting Governor cooperating with the President of the United States to help citizens recover from a major natural disaster. What a horror! (that’s sarcasm, you fuck) Who the freak does he think he is? (more…)

Chinese Offer Reward for Lost Invisibility Cloak

Chinese Offer Reward For Lost Invisibility Cloak

Chinese Offer Reward For Lost Invisibility Cloak

Beijing – Chinese Scientists announced the creation of the first invisibility cloak but humbly admitted they misplaced it and now cannot find it.

Zhang Bo, lead scientist on the “cloak it” project said, “We were so excited to finally create the invisibility cloak after toiling on it for three years. So we decided to celebrate. Who wouldn’t? We started pouring shots of Canadian Club Whiskey, picked up the microphone from the lab’s karaoke machine and twelve hours later..poof…the invisibility cloak was gone. (more…)

NSA Admits Collecting Emails from France and Mexico.. For the Recipes

NSA Admits Collecting Emails from France and Mexico...For the Recipes

NSA Admits Collecting Emails from France and Mexico...For the Recipes

NSA’s Prism Project stopped by the HarryBalls.com offices to address France’s accusations that the NSA collected millions of French citizens email addresses.

HarryBalls.com: Hello NSA Prism. Welcome back to the HarryBalls.com. Did you have any problem finding our new virtual office? (more…)

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