Space Janitor’s Season One Episode 8 Finale

Find out what happens to Darby, one of the janitors living and working on a Death Star like vessel in the final episode of Space Janitors, an epically funny web show written by two Canadians, Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire. Can you believe Canadians have a sense of humor? Aye. Aboot. (more…)

Space Janitors: Episode 7 Rebels Seem Like Nice Guys

So two janitors work on a Death Star like space vessel. Their friends include a couple of clones, a hot female android, and a human female worker. Find out what happens when their crew interfaces with a rebel prisoner in Episode 7 of Space Janitors, one of our two favorite scripted web series. The other being “The Guild” written by Felicia Day.

The Space Janitors production team just wrapped shooting Season 2 and will debut the episodes on the Geek & Sundry web site presumably in the spring.

Space Janitors Episode 3 Laser Sword

See who gets “up in arms” when one of the Space Janitors finds what he thinks is a new musical instrument in episode 3 of Space Janitors.

Space Janitors, a funny original web series, revolves around the lives of two space janitors who live on a Death Star like space vessel. Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire created the series now airing on Geek & Sundry’s Youtube channel and site.

Harry Balls Wants Your Video Game Characters in their Bathing Suits

Are you a video game developer with a sense of humor? Do you want some free promotion for your video game? How would one of the characters from your video games look in its bathing suit?

We are gearing up to release the 2nd Annual Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition which will feature characters from video games posing in their bathing suits. We will release this special edition in the mid to late January 2013 time frame. (more…)

President Obama Visits The Daily Show

President Obama visits the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in this original funny animated video written and directed by John Busher.

Funny Interview with the Higgs Boson God Particle

Agent Higgs iOS Puzzle Game Download

Harold Balls, the mythical hero/leader of our editorial team scored an exclusive interview with the elusive but long sought after Higgs Boson God Particle, a theorized piece of the Standard model of particle physics. Dr. Peter Higgs, a British Theoretical Physicist and emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh, and his team originally proposed the existence of the “God Particle” in 1964. The folks at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear research recently announced they have found this “God Particle”, who we contacted through back channels to arrange this rogue interview, sponsored by TestTube Games creators of Agent Higgs, a puzzle game consumers can play on their IPhones, IPads and or IPod Touch devices. Consumers can buy and download Agent Higgs through Apple’s App Store for $0.99. (more…)

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