Voxatron Game Download

Wolfire Games and Lexaloffle have released the alpha version of Voxatron, Lexaloffle’s latest game. Voxatron is a 3D platform shooter using retro looking cubes available on the Mac, PC and Linux platforms. Lexaloffle will ultimately charge $15.00 for Voxatron but consumers can now pay whatever price they want to get their hands on the Alpha version which offers 20 levels. (more…)

Ben There Dan That Special Edition

Ben There Dan That Special Edition

Size Five Games, formerly known as Zombie Cow Studios, released a special edition of their indie point and click adventure game Ben There Dan That. Consumers can pay what they want for the special edition of Ben There Dan That. (more…)

Lunar Pack Pay What You Want

UK based independent game studio Boss Baddie partnered with Indievania to release a pay what you want bundle of two of their PC games Lunnye Devitsy and Wake. (more…)

Icarus Retro Game Download

Icarus Game Download

Justin Scott, an independent game developer, released Icarus, a downloadable retro platform game for the PC priced at whatever consumers want to pay for it with a recommended price of $7.00. Justin Scott describes Icarus as “a 2D ambient platformer game for Windows featuring retro aesthetics, unique game mechanics, and an engaging atmosphere.” We love retro graphics but we wish Justin made the characters a little bigger. We would also like to see a more detailed explanation of the goals of story game play.

Icarus Retro Game Download

Icarus System Requirements:

Icarus was created for the PC using XNA and thus has certain minimum requirements in order to run. Your computer must be running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. In addition you must have a graphics card that supports at least Shader Model 2.0 and DirectX 9.0c. Shader Model 2.0 was introduced in 2002 and DirectX 9.0c in 2004, so most modern Windows computers shouldn’t have a problem there.

The installer will automatically install the XNA prerequisites, but the .NET Framework v4.0 must be installed first. This can be found either bundled with the installer or here.

Icarus Game Download

Proun Tube Racing Game Download

Buy Proun Game Download – Name Your Own Price

Ronimo Games released Proun, an addicting downloadable 3D racing game for sale. In Proun the game player must race against time to direct a 3D Ball along a tube while avoiding abstract art like obstacles. Proun’s game trailer and the screenshot visually explain the game. We think Proun offers unique and challenging game play worth at least $15 when you buy the game although consumers can ultimately pay what they want for Proun. (more…)

3rd Humble Bundle Frozenbyte Games

There’s a new pay what you want Humble Bundle this time featuring downloadable games from one game developer Frozenbyte Games. The Frozen Byte Humble Bundle includes the following downloadable games which all work well on the Mac, PC and Linux Platforms:

Buy The Humble Bundle

Trine – Already supports Windows and Mac but now supports Linux with this bundle

Shadowground Survivor


Jack Claw – prototype for this new downloadable game supports Windows only. Don’t pick your nose with your claw but maybe you can clear out your ear wax.

Splot – Buying this bundle would get you a pre-order for this brand new game from Frozen Byte.

Buying this bundle also enables you to donate a portion of your funds to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Childplay, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 60 hospitals worldwide.

MiniOne Racing – Pay What You Want

MiniOne Racing Pay What You Want

Frogames, an indie game developer, have joined the pay what you want business model faction for their downloadable racing game called MiniOne Racing. MiniOne Racing offers players a 3D racing and we would say balancing game. The game player doesn’t simply race around a track which you will discover on the first level. MiniOne Racing’s opening level requires the game player to race and balance along a narrow wooden dock above water. We fell off 6 times in the first 2 minutes of track. Consumers can download Minione Racing for their PC or Mac and they get to pay what they want.

Download MiniOne Racing Game

Here’s the game trailer:

MiniOne Racing Trailer from Frogames on Vimeo.