Traxion Arcade Shoooter out on iOS and Mac

A press release for a physics arcade shooter game called Traxion published by Game Foundation and created by Blue Chip landed in our in box this morning. Consumers can play Traxion on their iPhones, iPads or on the old fashioned Mac computer for $1.99. Who would call a Mac computer old fashioned? (more…)

DoodleTop 3D Maze Adventure Game – iPhone and iPad

Can you spin a virtual top? Can you draw? Do you like to go on magical adventures in black and white worlds. Can you tilt your iPad or iPhone with a delicate touch to direct progress in towards a games goals?

Doodle Top takes place in a 3D black and white virtual popup storybook with colorful potential. The game features a spinning top which you must guide around each maze level to collect coins, gems and unlock the color when you bump into objects. You direct the top by tilting your iPad or iPhone. They replicate the physics of a real top balancing on a flat surface like a wooden cutting board. (more…)

Noble Nutlings Free on the IPhone and IPad

“How noble are your nutlings?” asks Oops. We couldn’t resist. Meet Sydney(Blue), Abe (red)and Lemmy(yellow), the squirrelly stars of The Noble Nutlings, a physics platform racing game from a new indie game studio called Boomlagoon, formed by three alumni from Rovio, creators of Angry Birds. Video gamers can play Noble Nutlings for free with in app purchases on their IPhones, IPads and IPod Touch devices. (more…)

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game Download

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Arcade Game

Moon Active Games released Bitter Sam, a clever iOS Physics game priced at $0.99.

Bitter Sam features Sam, a little creature kidnapped by a scientist who forces Sam to search a bottomless pit for special crystals. The scientist lowers Sam on a rope into the pit and you must tilt your device to swing Sam away from danger like stones and cutting devices and towards the crystals to acquire them. We breezed through the first four levels which act as the tutorial but were stopped cold on the five level. The obstacles get trickier and the power-ups get harder to acquire without cutting the rope and dropping Sam to his death. (more…)

Monkey Bump IPhone and IPad Game Download

Pom Pom Games released Monkey Bump, a simple arcade game for $0.99 for the IPhone and IPad. The game player must tap the screen just below the monkey to make him climb the tree while consuming fruit to power his vertical trip. Monkey Bump does offer simple game play. The game play has to get used to tapping the screen at the exact location to get the monkey to “bump” up the tree. We can see how Monkey Bump might get addicting or frustrating depending on your eye hand coordination skills.

Monkey Bump IPhone Game Download $0.99
Monkey Bump IPad Game Download $0.99

Paper Glider vs Gnomes Free iOS and Android Game Download

Neon Play released Paper Glider vs Gnomes in the free to play model for both iOS and the Android platform. Consumers can play Paper Glider vs Gnomes on their IPhones, IPads, and Android devices. In Paper Glider vs Gnomes, the game play uses Paper Gliders like UAVs to deliver weapons of a destructive nature to harm friendly little Gnomes. Where’s the love? Why the violence? Apparently Garden Gnomes are threatening to take over the world, or at least the world’s gardens. (more…)

Hamster Cannon Free Android Game Download

Have you ever wanted to shoot a hamster with a cannon? Think it might be messy, gross or freak people out? How many hamsters can afford? Don’t have the answers but you have an Android phone? No worries. Now you can download Hamster Cannon from Big Blue Marble for free onto your Android phone.
In Hamster Cannon, you must feed the Hamsters by aiming and shooting them towards food resembling Cheerios. The Hamsters bounce off walls and obstacles. The Standard, Smasher, Firehead, Bomber Head and Speedster are the Hamsters who look to you to fire and feed them. While feeding the Hamsters you must collect 20 hats through 70 levels.

Hamster Cannon Free Android Download
Hamster Cannon iOS Game Download $0.99

Hamster Cannon Features:

Over 70 intricately designed cages to blast your hamsters around
Clever physics puzzles
An overabundance of wildly attractive headgear
Amazing set of power ups
Fun for the whole family – well… except your hamster

BlackTower3 Destroy Free iOS Game Download

BuBu Company released a free to play version of BlackTower 3 Destroy for the iOS platforms – IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. This physics puzzle game fans will really enjoy this game. BuBu company designed BlackTower 3 Destroy using black and white visuals except for the gems you must throw to kill the little monsters – Kind of like the movie Sin City. On each level you strategically throw a gem stone at robots, aliens and bad guys so they disappear permanently while music out of a who done it mystery movie plays in the background. This game presents intellectual challenges more quickly than games like Angry Birds. Since its free you will see ads in the game mostly for other games.

BlackTower3 Destroy Free iOS Physics Puzzle Game Download

Cut the Rope iOS Puzzle Game Update

Chillingo and ZeptoLab released an update of Cut the Rope, an iOS game playable on the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. In the physics puzzle game Cut The Rope the game player must feed candy to the main character Om Nom, a friendly little creature who arrives at your doorstep in box. The candy hangs on a rope or a set of connected ropes so you must cut them so the candy falls gently into Om Nom’s mouth to advance to the next levels. The update also adds bees which add some buzz to Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope costs $0.99 on the IPhone and IPod Touch and $1.99 on the IPad for the HD version. (more…)

Cover Orange iOS Puzzle Game Download Update

FDG Entertainment released a 40 level update for their iOS physics puzzle game called Cover Orange which FDG Entertainment originally released last year. The game player must re-arrange items on the screen to protect the main character, an orange from acid rain. Now consumers get 300 levels for $0.99 or $1.99 with the HD version. (more…)

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