Catch the Candy IPhone IPad Game Download

Have you ever used your tongue to grab sweet delicious delights? You will in Catch the Candy. Game publisher BulkyPix and independent developer, FedoIT released an update of Catch the Candy for iPhone and iPad. They have added more levels and new achievements . (more…)

Chicks’n’Vixens iOS Game Download

Chicks’n’Vixens App Store Game Download Link

JabberWorx released a physics destruction game called Chicks’n’Vixens for iOS 4 compatible devices for $0.99. In Chicks’n’Vixens the chicks must recover donuts stolen by the Vixens.

Happy Hills IPad Game Download

Happy Hills IPad Game Download

dreamfab released Happy Hill for the IPhone, iPod touch and iPad for $.99 with additional levels for $1.99 each in October and November.

In Happy Hills which takes place in a land called Euphoria, the Hills are unhappy. (more…)

Interview with a Pig Who Escaped The Angry Birds

We were secretly approached through back channels by a pig who calls himself “Slim” who claims he survived the Angry Birds “War on Swine” onslaught in the Angry Birds game from Rovio. We cannot confirm his identity so we consider this a rogue interview. (more…)

Cybertronic Warfare Android Game

Cybertronic Warfar Android Game Download

Terror Fortress Games released their third Android Game called Cybertronic Warfare for $1.99.

Cybertronic Warfare Android Game Download

Here’s how Terror Fortress Games describes CyberTronic Warfare: (more…)

Smuggle Truck Game Download

Owlcherry released the not so PC (as in politically correct) downloadable platform game Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration for the PC and Mac for $5.99. The Smuggle Truck game player must guide a truck full of illegal aliens across the border with the clock ticking. This physics based driving game looks like an extremely funny downloadable adventure. Consumers can buy the IPhone and and IPad version within the Apple Store.

Buy Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration $5.99

Smuggle Track Game Download

Also Owlbert from Owlcherry predicts the 2711 World Series will be won by the Cincinnati Jetpacks.

Solar 2 Slated for June 2011 Release

Murudai, an independent game developer, have announced their plans to release Solar 2 for the PC in or around June
2011. They plan to sell Solar 2 for $10 for download from Steam and other distribution partners. Murudai released the original Solar for Bill Gates favorite platform, (not the Wii), Xbox Live Indie Games.

Murudai describe the game as “an open-world, sandbox game where you play as asteroids, planets and stars in an infinite universe. The game will feature many missions all activated and played during the extensive sandbox mode. You can grow your system, destroy other systems, gather objects to become more powerful, grow and nurture the life growing in your system or just use the planets as wrecking balls. There are many ways to tackle the missions, if something isn’t working take a step back and think again. Other features include hidden missions, game modifying physics options, secrets to discover and more.”

The game will feature 30 to 40 minutes of original music from JP Neufeld who created the Sound track for the first Solar game.

Blocks Indie released on XBOX Live

Darkwinds Media released a physics based racing game called Blocks Indie on the XBOX Indie Marketplace January 29th 2011. The game player must deliver a wood crate to a magically floating island by controlling jet thrusters on the bottom of the delivery platform while overcome obstacles like moving blocks, tight spaces, and sharp corners.

Cargo Delivery Physics Puzzler Out

Cat in The Sky has released a new physics driven downloadable puzzle game called Cargo Delivery for Windows and the Mac priced at $4.99. Cat in the Sky offers an slightly easier online demo which includes 5 missions and one challenge level. You can access the demo of Cargo Delivery at this link..

Buy The Game $4.99
Windows $4.99
Mac $4.99

Here are some Cargo Delivery screenshots.

Cargo Delivery Downloadable Game
Cargo Delivery Downloadable Game

A Magnetic Adventure Game

Youda Games released A Magnetic Adventure Game where the player uses magnets to solve over 50 puzzles. From the developer: “Welcome to an adventure of magnetic proportions! Using a s magnet, solve 50 physics-based puzzles that will stretch your gray matter in ways you never imagined. Once you learn to utilize the magnetic force of your little hero, you’ll be able to manipulate a variety of mechanisms, all of which are holding a totem you need in order to protect your world. Open safes, repair clocks and activate teleporters in this innovative brain teaser for casual gamers. ”

They are offering the game for $9.95. Download and buy the Game at their site.

A Magnetic Adventure Game Screenshots

A Magnetic Adventure Game Screenshot

A Magnetic Adventure Game Screenshot

Game Trailer

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