Puzzle Dimension Game Download

Game Description by Hope Lee
Game Rating = 3/5

Puzzle Dimension offers a unique, 3D twist on your average puzzle. The mechanics are simple- collect all the flowers and then roll through the now-active portal. However, the puzzles are challenging and require careful reasoning.

Three Reasons to buy Puzzle Dimension.

#1 You’ve played lots of other puzzles, and you want something with a 3D twist.

# 2 The mechanics are easy to get the hang of.

# 3 The puzzles will really make you think!

Three Reasons to avoid buying Puzzle Dimension.

#1 The screen movements are jerky and can cause motion sickness.

#2 Puzzles do not progress in difficulty in a logical fashion.

# 3 If you like getting hints or help for your puzzles, Puzzle Dimension is NOT right for you. There are absolutely no hints on the actual puzzle boards.

Puzzle Dimension Screenshot

Puzzle Dimension is an easy to play, downloadable game that offers a 3D twist on the average puzzler. It’s simple to play: roll & hop the ball around to collect all the flowers. Once all flowers are collected, the portal will activate. Roll through the portal to complete the level. However, its simplicity is deceiving- many of the puzzles are actually quite tricky.

There is no “plot” to this downloadable game- simply complete puzzle after puzzle. In fact, there does not even seem to be a clear scoring mechanism or high score hall of fame to give players an additional incentive to keep playing.

The graphics are colorful and look good. However, as the ball rolls over and through various obstacles, the graphics can be a little jerky. The “canyon” that the puzzle is suspended over also detracts from the play as it makes the screen too busy at times.

Background music is included in Puzzle Dimension. It is stale and repetitive. It has no relationship to the gameplay itself.

Puzzle Dimension Screenshot

Puzzle Dimension is a creative & innovative twist on the puzzler genre. However, it is missing some crucial elements. The on-screen 3D movement needs to be cleaned up so that it is not jerky and causing motion sickness. The puzzles could progress more from easy to difficult so as not to discourage the beginning player. While the hard-core puzzler may enjoy this game for its originality, it is not the game for the average player.

Puzzle Dimension costs $9.99. It might be worth it to download and play with a much lower pricetag, but at that price, it is not worth it. Puzzle Dimension is available for download from Steam.

Orbyx from Hemi Games Released

Hemi Games Released the demo for Orbyx, described as a super charged update of the XBox Indie game Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos.

New features for this version include:

* 50 Ingenious Levels
* 100 Bonus Challenges
* Online Scoreboards (compete for the highest scores)
* 44 Unique Magic Spell Combinations
* All New Story Mode
* Facebook Medals
* Lots more tweaks and improvements

Download Free Game Demo

Orbyx Screenshot
Orbyx Screenshot

Download Free Game Demo

Dachinko Puzzle Game Download

Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 3.5/5

You should buy this game if:

– You enjoy Pachinko
– You revel in games of chance
– You want a ‘different’ playing experience

You should not buy this game if:

– You like to be in control at all times
– You want pulse-pounding action
– You’re not a fan of dancing

Download and buy the Game at http://www.gamecask.com/

Ever heard of Pachinko? If you’re from the west, the answer to that may well be a ‘no’. If so, you’re missing out on a relatively fun game – and now you have a chance to play it with the quirky, yet strangely addictive, Dachinko.

Dachinko Puzzle Game Screenshot

Patterned off the original Japanese game of chance, Dachinko is similarly rather risky, though you fortunately don’t have to spend more than a few dollars to get in on the pinball action. You start each session staring at a glass enclosure that’s filled with several colored pots, and you need to launch small metal balls from the left side of the machine into the field of play, attempting to get them into the pots.

Sounds easy enough, but there’s more to each stage. The fields are filled with small obstacles – floating balloons, spinning gears, small walls, platforms and plenty else – that will probably send your balls flying in directions you don’t want them to go. More, the stage seems to move a bit every few seconds, swaying gently, further compounding the difficulty. Since most of the problem areas move around Dachinko is as much a game of timing as it is aim, so it pays to be patient (though you won’t get as high a score that way).

Toss in a variety of power ups that can greatly change the game for a few moments (for example, one reverses the gravity and sends all the balls flying to the top for three or four seconds) and you’ve got a fairly robust title, or at least robust given that it only costs $7. There are extra modes beyond normal play, too, so there’s plenty to do.

If there’s one problem with Dachinko, though, it’s the random nature of the game. Once your ball is in play you have no choice but to watch it succeed or fail. Given that Pachinko constitutes a form of gambling in Japan this isn’t surprising, but a little more control might have been nice – some levels hinge more on pure luck than any amount of skill garnered by the player.

This download could also use a bit of sprucing-up. The graphics are fine, but the presentation is a bit dull at times. The music is slow, melodic and extremely repetitive, and the dancing segments between stages, while… interesting… probably won’t enthrall most players. You may go to sleep playing Dachinko, which is rather the opposite of most video games.

Still, for only $7 Dachinko manages to eke out a success with oddly addictive game play and an undeniably unique approach. You probably won’t regret the money spent. 3.5/5

Cats in the Sky Cargo Delivery

Cats in the Sky plans to release Cargo Delivery, an IndieCade 2010 Finalist soon. Set on a ship on the sea the game player (Rufus) must contend with moving cargo, hungry sea creatures and the rocking sea all while trying to sail the lovely seas.

Cargo Delivery Puzzle Game Download

Cargo Delivery Puzzle Game Download

Feel free to check out Cats In the Sky’s game site for more information.


Gish Update and Pay Your Own Price Sale

Chronic Logic has released Gish 1.6 with the following enhancements listed below. Gish follows a ball of tar (the Hero) as he looks for his girlfriend in the subterranean sewers of Dross, a long forgotten city filled with twisting corridors, evil traps and some of the most demented creatures imaginable.

Here’s a screenshot

Gish Screenshot

-You can now choose the price of Gish when you purchase it

-All registration and DRM has been removed (no more hassling with registration)
-Added community campaigns totaling over 40 new levels
-Added 5 new community vs. levels
-Changed file saving locations in Windows and OSX to be in user folders
-Added 64-bit Linux support

Buy now and pay whatever you want:

If you have already purchased Gish you can look up your registration information and
download the new version here:

Check out the list of changes along with update instructions for the full version here:

Or Try the new demo here:

Darkwind Media Released Blocks: The Devilish Delivery Game in beta

Darkwind Media released the beta demo of a downloadable physics platform game called Blocks. The game player has to deliver blocks on a delivery platform using left and right thrusters. However the game player can’t use the thrusters at the same time so success comes from balancing the force of the thrusters in the direction of the target without toppling the block in the wrong direction. Its an interesting downloadable game offered only as a demo now for both the PC and the MAC.

You can try the free downloadable game demo here:


Here are two screenshots:

Blocks Physics Game Screenshot

Blocks Physics Game Screenshot

Here’s the trailer can get the general idea of the game play.

Blocks Trailer! from teamasparag.us on Vimeo.

Mole Control Puzzle Game Download

Game Review by Daniel Kerins
Game Rating = 4/5

In recent times, the Internet has become awash with puzzle games designed to captivate their audience for short periods of intoxicating fun. Mole Control, designed by Remode Studios, is a perfect example of a generic, yet very fun, addition to the PC puzzle game family.

Mole Control Minesweeper Game Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now


Mole Control – Logic Based Minesweeper Released

Remode and Blitz 1UP released Mole Control, a logic based Minesweeper like puzzle game. You are the driver of a buggy tasked to find and dig up moles in the lawns of a town called Molar Creek. So far Mole Control looks interesting enough but we will post a full review in a week or so.

Feel free to check the game out for yourself at either Boonty or Impulse.

Here’s the trailer for the beta:

VVVVVV By Terry Cavanagh

Terry Cavanagh released VVVVVV this weekend. It’s a retro platformer with innovative game play.

He gives users the option to play an online demo at Kongregrate here or you download as windows or mac demo.

The game costs $15.00

VVVVVV Platform Game Screenshot

Magic Toy Chest Puzzle Game Download

Magic Toy Chest Game Review by Adrienne Brunner
Game Rating = 4/5

The Magic Toy Chest, by Graduate Games, is an extremely innovative game which uses physics to literally “get the ball rolling.” With this game, players can use tutorials, play and even create their own levels, play them, and submit them to the company through email.

Magic Toy Chest Puzzle Game Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $14.95


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