Vessel Platform Game Trailer

A new indie game company out of Seattle called Strange Loop Games released this trailer for their platform game Vessel. It looks very interesting and may be an early favorite for Game of the year 2010. They plan to release the game during the 3rd or 4th Quarter this year.

Forts 2 Puzzle Shooter Game Download

Game Review by Alathea
Game Rating = 2.5/5

Game Review Summary:

You should buy “Forts 2”

-If you really have nothing better to do with your spare time
-if you don’t prefer too much variation or strategy
-If you find yourself looking to burn 15 minutes

You should not buy “Forts 2”

-If you are familiar with many of the free variations of this theme
-If you actually like to see the edges of the objects you are trying to knock down
-If you are not worried about originality

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Buy The Game Now $6.99

Forts 2 Game Screenshot (more…)

Springworld Challenge Game Download

Springworld Challenge Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

SpringWorld Challenge isn’t what I’d call this game. I think I’d rename it to something along the lines of ‘A Cautionary Tale for Drivers.’ Doesn’t click? Oh well.

Springworld Challenge Screenshot

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