Comedy Central Standup Specials for $5.00

The Comedy Central team decided to sell a bunch of their standup specials for $5.00. The specials are playable on most platforms including the PC, iOS, Android, Mac, XBOX 360, Playstation and Wii U. Check this page for the complete system requirements.

We have included links to the participating comedians Comedy Central individual pages below: (more…)

Walking Dead Game Season Finale Trailer

Where’s Clementine? Lee must find her before ….we don’t want to think about will happen if the Walkers find her first. Check out the video game trailer for the Walking Dead Season Finale from Telltale Games. Do dead zombies tell tales?

The Walking Dead video game season finale comes out on PlayStation Network US today, and tomorrow on the following platforms – Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network EU, PC/MAC, and iOS. Android users are out of luck.

Walking Dead iOS Game Download link

Rocketbirds: HardBoiled Chicken Game Download

Ratloop released this trailer for Rocketbirds: HardBoiled Chicken launching on the PlayStation Network in North America October 18th for $11.00 and in Europe October 19th. RocketBirds HardBoiled Chicken takes place in Albatropolis, where the evil penguin leader Putzki rules with an iron penguin leg and must dodge the assassination attempts by HardBoiled Chicken, the hero.

Baconing Game Download

Hothead Games released The Baconing, the sequel to Deathspank on aon Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points, and on PlayStation┬«Network, Steam, and the Mac App Store for $14.99. (more…)