World War III KickStarter Project

Support the Kickstarter project to fund World War III, and IV. The Second City Network wrote and produced this funny satirical sketch.

Posted by Mahammad from the Syrian Electronic Army.

The Lame Duck Show: Private Eyes

President Obama addresses the NSA Tracking controversy with German press during his recent European trip in this funny animated video written and directed by John Busher.

The Lame Duck Show: Turn Key Tyranny Solutions

Watch as Barack Obama pitches Turn Key Tyranny Solutions to aspiring tyrants around the world in this episode of The Lame Duck Show called Turn Key Tyranny Solutions, a funny video written and directed by John Busher unless the NSA wants to know in which case Martin Dingleberry created it.

The Lame Duck Show Starring President Obama

Check out this funny video commentary on the current state of President Obama’s presidency who some call a Lame Duck.

President Obama Visits The Daily Show

President Obama visits the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in this original funny animated video written and directed by John Busher.

Decisive Indecisiveness by George W. Bush

Watch the latest funny video episode of the HarryBalls Sketch Comedy show. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (the clown) discuss Bush’s Decisiveness.

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