Duke Nukem Forever Download Pre-Order

Duke Nukem Forever Download Pre-Order

Duke Nukem Forever will hit North American retail shelves on June 14th. Consumers pre-order the digital download of Duke Nukem Forever now from Direct2Drive, Steam and Onlive for $44.99.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Download

Smuggle Truck Game Download

Owlcherry released the not so PC (as in politically correct) downloadable platform game Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration for the PC and Mac for $5.99. The Smuggle Truck game player must guide a truck full of illegal aliens across the border with the clock ticking. This physics based driving game looks like an extremely funny downloadable adventure. Consumers can buy the IPhone and and IPad version within the Apple Store.

Buy Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration $5.99

Smuggle Track Game Download

Also Owlbert from Owlcherry predicts the 2711 World Series will be won by the Cincinnati Jetpacks.