This Week in Poly Ticks by Will Durst

Political Humor By Will Durst

Political Humor By Will Durst

Political Humor by Will Durst

And now for your weekly update in the world of poly ticks.

Run for your lives, people, because it’s complete chaos out there. In the pre-summer rush to wrangle positive press; current presidential candidates, potential presidential candidates, former presidential candidates, former presidents, and current presidents are viciously competing for track space in a freakish spectacle of careening into walls and spinning out of control like souped- up bumper cars during a power surge. To say it is not a pretty sight is similar to intimating that encountering hot oily transmission parts in the bowels of your sleeping bag is not an optimal proposition. (more…)

Proxy Rematch – Humor by Will Durst

Proxy Rematch Humor By Will Durst

Proxy Rematch Humor By Will Durst

Humor By Will Durst

Might want to stuff your pants pockets with sand and hang onto the rail as the ship of state lurches towards the distinct possibility that the election to next command the helm will be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. The brother versus the wife. Sounds like a probate lawsuit.

This promises to be a fabulous development for comedians everywhere, precipitating the resurrection of all our 1992 Bush/ Clinton material. It’s the green thing to do. Recycling meets nostalgia. Together again for the very first time. A rematch by proxy. Now, if only we could coax Ross Perot back into the fray. (more…)

Koch Brothers Enlist Rachel Maddow To Lead Their New Mid Term SuperPAC

Koch Bros Enlist Rachel Maddow To Lead Their New Mid Term SuperPAC

Koch Bros Enlist Rachel Maddow To Lead Their New Mid Term SuperPAC

Wichita, Kansas (Busher Report) David and Charles Koch formed a new SuperPAc called the Freedom Partners Action Fund and immediately appointed MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow to lead the distribution of SuperPac’s political funds.

“We feel Ms. Maddow’s knowledge of our, (The Koch Bros) true intentions surpasses no one. She’s a clear, crisp articulate communicator of unrealistic theories involving myself and my brother David. Who better to help us influence the future of our political operations to benefit our shareholders and the uber rich than Rachel?,” explained Charles Koch.

“Everyone knows I love the Koch Bros! I mention them all the time on my show. I will do anything and I really mean anything to help them achieve their objectives. As long as their shareholders and bank accounts are happy, than I am happy.

John Busher authored this satirical post. If you appreciate this kind of humor and would like to support Mr. Busher you can buy one or all of his short satirical ebooks he self published through a service called Smashwords for $1.99 each so he can pay his bills while he writes a full length satirical novel called “America’s Next Puppet Regime”. You can read the books on pretty much all electronic devices – PC, Kindle, iPad, Nook etc.

1. Donny The Drone’s Terrific Guide to American Exceptionalism.

2. Funny Interviews with Things

Democracy 3, Political Simulation Video Game, Out On IPad

Do you cringe when you hear the latest policy decisions announced by your government? Do you scratch your head wondering what, if anything, were your elected leaders thinking when they formed these policies? Are you convinced you can make better decisions to benefit the greater good? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are eligible to buy Democracy 3, a political simulation game out now on the IPad for $9.99. (more…)

HarryBalls Launches an Anyone But Weiner Facebook Group Launches an "Anyone But Weiner" Facebook Group

As a former New York City resident, the team was a little bummed when Mayor Bloomberg ignored the voters wishes by running for a third term. We were even more disappointed with A Rod came out as a steriod using cheating ahole. (more…)

The Lame Duck Show: Private Eyes

President Obama addresses the NSA Tracking controversy with German press during his recent European trip in this funny animated video written and directed by John Busher.

Positech Games Announces Democracy 3 – Political Strategy Simulation Game

Cliff Harris, master of the Indie Game Universe and the fearless leader of Positech Games, announced his plans to produce and release Democracy 3, a political simulation strategy game representing the next generation of the previous versions Democracy and Democracy 2. (more…)

Democracy 2 Political Simulation PC Game On Steam

Tired of the political bullshit in Washington DC or your own country’s capital? Do you want to try your hand at making executive decisions for a country? Are you plugged into Steam? You can play Democracy 2, a political simulation created by Cliff Harris, a one man independent game developer based in the UK who convinced his wife to leave a well paying job in the sciences to move to the English countryside so he could develop video games for a living. Cliff also had to convince his cats. From what we understand the cats took some convincing. (more…)

Presidents Run iOS Game Download

React Games released Presidents Run, a side scrolling platform game allowing you to experience the life of a presidential candidate crisscrossing the country collecting votes. Power Ups include power-shoes which may make you the most powerful leader on earth. Gamers can download the Presidential Run to their IPhones, IPads, and IPod Touch. President’s Run seems like a pretty standard platform running style game without offering any super earth shattering.

Presidents Run Free iOS Game Download

Here’s React Games Description of President’s Run:

“From Utah-based independent developer, ‘React! Games’, comes a brilliantly designed distance runner in which you choose your favorite presidential candidate, and run across the country collecting as many votes as you can! To help you along the way, upgrades such as power-shoes are available that give you special abilities to help you become the most powerful man on earth!

“We wanted to give people a fun and engaging way to participate in the race to the White House,” said Chad Lee, Managing Director of React! Games. “Not only will they compete against friends to see who can make it farthest, but every mile they run and vote they collect will be reflected at We think ‘Presidents Run’ can predict the results of this year’s election.”

Published by 6waves and just released on iOS for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod Touch®, and the Apple iPad®, as well as in the Android™ Play Store, ‘Presidents Run’ will be updated by the developer on a bi-monthly basis with new features, characters, backgrounds, items, shoes and accessories. Available as a FREE download, this awesome title will have live updates (online) featuring cumulative distance and vote totals for each candidate in the game. ‘Presidents Run’ is a unique twist on the American Idol™ type of call-in for your favorite contestant but instead of calling in, you simply play the game. Each play session records your distance and votes earned per candidate, and upload those numbers online – the more you play, the farther your favorite candidate gets. Players are encouraged to keep a close eye on the games Facebook & Twitter as weekly challenges and prizes will be posted and drawn. To kick things off, React! Games is sponsoring a sweepstakes on the game’s website where you can enter to win a free Apple iPad® and other prizes.

“We see ‘Presidents Run’ as a way for players to show support for their favorite candidate, and if that happens to be Zombie George Washington, then all the more fun!” continues Casey Spencer, Producer at React! Games.”

Presidents Run Free iOS Game Download