Lifeless Planet Game Trailer

Lifeless Planet Trailer 1 from David Board on Vimeo.

Alaska based Stage 2 Studios released this trailer for Lifeless Planet, a downloadable sci-fi action adventure game coming for the PC and Mac. Consumers can pre-order Lifeless Planet in the form of a donation via the kick starter fund.

Here’s a brief description of Lifeless Planet from Stage 2 Studios – “While seeking life on a distant planet, a skeptical astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian laboratory. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon…”

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download Pre-Order

Team 17 have pushed the launch of Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Steam to Wednesday September 28th for $14.99. Consumers can get a 10% discount if they pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem from Steam now. If consumers pre-order four copies of Worms Ultimate Mayhem you will get a 25% “discount. In this 3D PC game Worms Ultimate Mayhem offers consumers many ways to customize the worms which you can see in the game trailer above. Worms Ultimate Mayhem players can also create their own weapon of mass destruction. We wonder if Dick Cheney approved this feature.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download Pre-Order

Blackwell Deception Game Download Pre-Order

Blackwell Deception Demo Download
Blackwell Deception Pre-Oder Link

Consumers can pre-order Blackwell Deception, the fourth installment of the Blackwell adventure series from Wadjeteye Games. (more…)

Best In Show Solitaire Game Pre-Order

Best in Show Solitaire Game Pre-Order

Best of Show Solitaire Game Pre-Order

Graduate Games, creators of Jolly Rover and The Magic Toy Chest downloadable games, have released Best in Show Solitaire their latest card game for a pre-order price $9.95, 50% the final price of $19.95. (more…)

Frozen Synapse Beta Demo Download

Frozen Synapse Game Download

Mode 7 Games plans to release Frozen Synapse, a downloadable turn based tactical game where you command a strike team while your opponent plots to defeat you in an sci-fi world very soon. Consumers can pro-order Frozen Synapse for the Mac or PC for $25.99. If consumer use the special code “STANCHER” they will get 30% off the pre-order and will also get the beta as part of the Frozen Synapse pro-order. Frozen Synapse offers both single player and multi-player game modes. The Frozen Synapse single player game option differs from the multiplayer in that single player game contains friendly factions which help the Frozen Synapse game players advance their campaigns. (more…)

Adventure Stories: Dungeons of Peril Chapter 1

Dungeon's of Peril Chapter 1

Project Zero Games released the first chapter of a point and click adventure series for free called Adventure Stories: Dungeons of Peril Chapter 1. The game features a character named Jim as he explores dangerous and mysterious locations. If you don’t watch yourself Jim may die a glorious death.

According to the Frank Walls, the creator, “This game is inspired by some of my favorite games like Zork, Myst, the Lucas Arts games, and even RPG’s like Zelda. I also want to capture that quality of “mystery” I would get when playing those old games without instructions or hints.”

Project Zero offers the 1st chapter, which is really short, for free and is raising money through pre-orders of the 2nd chapter.

Hoard Avail for Pre-Sale on Steam Now

Hoard Action Game Screenshot

Hoard, a downloadable dragon treasure loving action game from Big Sandwich Games, has gone on pre-sale at Steam for $7.50 (25% off the 9.99 price). This pre-order sale for both the PC and Mac versions of Hoard will last through April 4th.

Buy Hoard at Steam Here

In Hoard, a dragon plays the hero role who gets to pursue standard dragon activities like kidnapping princesses, burning villages, collecting treasures and toasting knights over a fire pit. Hoard offers both single and multi-player co-op and competitive game play. (more…)

Gemini Rue Adventure Game Available For Pre-Order

Wadjet Eye Games and Joshua Nuernberger have partnered to release Gemini Rue, described as a point and click retro style adventure for pre-order now for $24.95 on CD and $12.95 for Digital Download. They plan to release the full game February 24th 2011. (more…)

Puzzle Bots Now Available for Pre-Order

Wadejet Eye Games is allowing fans to pre-order their latest game called Puzzle Bots. The digital download of the game costs $14.99 and $24.99 to get the game on a CD. They plan to release the game May 7th. Here’s a link to the trailer:

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