Reckless Squad Real Time Strategy Game

D2P Games released their real time strategy game called Reckless Squad where the player must protect a convoy during a dangerous journey. D2P Games offers the game for Windows and Mac OSX priced at $6.00 through Gamers Gate or $5 if you buy the game directly from D2P Games.

Download and Buy The Game at D2P Games Site

Reckless Squad Screenshots

Reckless Squad RTS Game Screenshot
Reckless Squad RTS Game Screenshot

Positech Released Nomads, a New GSB Expansion Pack

Positech, The King of all Indie game developers and publisher of Gratuitous Space Battles released a new expansion pack called Nomads, a new race and the oldest species in the universe. They have introduced a new honor pricing system offering the pack for $5.99 but users can get it for a discount $2.99 if they feel they deserve it. (more…)

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