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A new animated comedy video series called “People Watching” will debut on February 15th. Created by Winston Rowntree, author of the web comix Subnormality, People Watching is a character-driven animated comedy anthology, centering around a unique group of twenty somethings in a series of humorous and heartfelt short stories about trying to find acceptance, romance and sanity. (more…)

Night of The Living Deb Zombie Rom Com Movie With Maria Thayer

Night of the Living Deb Zombie Rom Com With Maria Thayer

Night of the Living Deb Zombie Rom Com With Maria Thayer

A woman wakes up next to a strange good-looking guy in his apartment. She exits his house and lands in the middle to a zombie apocalypse in Portland Maine in the movie “Night of The Living Deb”. Maria Thayer, Ray Wise and Michael Cassidy star with a few more folks. We are unsure when and where you can watch “Night of the Living Deb” but will update the post when we know more details. (more…)

Bad Timing – A Funny Apocalyptic Video Romantic Comedy

Bad Timing - A Funny Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy

Bad Timing – A Funny Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy

We came across this funny apocalyptic romantic comedy called “Bad Timing” from Goldenhusk. Bad Timing tells the story of a geek and the girl of his dreams during the end of the world. (more…)

Rom Com Season 2 Episode 2 – How to Take The Perfect Dating Profile Picture

Rom Com On Cracked

Rom Com On Cracked

The slightly bent and lost HarryBalls editorial led by Kim Jong Un discovered Rom Com, a romantic workplace comedy web series about an online dating service called written by Daniel O’Brien and Adam Ganser. The Cracked team produced three episodes in Season 1 and two episodes so far in Season 2. You can watch the second most recent episode. (more…)

Romantic Encounters Episode 4: Gary Calamari

Romantic Encounters from My Damn Channel centers on the romantic life of Melinda Hill, an Los Angeles based stand-up comedian. Episode 4 find Melinda meeting a blind date who turns out to be a Cuban male working in the pharmaceutical trade. At least his name isn’t Carlos Danger.

Romantic Encounters – New Web Rom Com from My Damn Channel Debuts 6.25

On Tuesday June 25th, the nutty folks at My Damn Channel plan to debut a new romantic web comedy series called Romantic Encounters, based on the romantic life of the star, Melinda Hill, a romantic standup comedian. You can watch the first episode above. (more…)