Romantic Encounters Episode 4: Gary Calamari

Romantic Encounters from My Damn Channel centers on the romantic life of Melinda Hill, an Los Angeles based stand-up comedian. Episode 4 find Melinda meeting a blind date who turns out to be a Cuban male working in the pharmaceutical trade. At least his name isn’t Carlos Danger.

Blackwell Deception Game Download

Wadjet Eye Games released the latest downloadable mystery paranormal adventure game called Blackwell Deception for $14.99 (digital download) or $24.99 on a DVD which comes with all four Blackwell games. (more…)

Always Remember Me Demo Download

Always Remember Me Game Download

Winter Wolves released Always Remember Me, a downloadable romantic simulation game slash visual novel. Always Remember Me features Amy, the main character whose boyfriend Aaron has lost his memory as a result of a car accident. Amy’s task with finding ways to make Aaron remember her which explains the title Always Remember Me. Always Remember Me costs $19.99 and can be played on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. (more…)