Space Pilots A Funny Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series By Mike Musson

Space Pilots - Funny SciFi Web Comedy Series

Space Pilots – Funny SciFi Web Comedy Series

The scientifically proven nutty Harry editorial team came cross Space Pilots, a funny sci-fi comedy web video series set in …space. Mike Musson created Space Pilots which tells the story of Navin Williams who wanders aimlessly around in space without goals, ambition, a career or steady female companionship but with a constant bounty on his head. (more…)

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 5 – Hope Day

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 5 Hope Day

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 5 Hope Day

All thru the house everything was quiet except for the …Space Janitors. Here’s the fifth episode of Season 3 called Hope Day. You can catch up on the first two seasons of Space Janitors below.

Space Janitors Season 1

Space Janitors Season 2

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 4 Haunted Heroes

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 4

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 4

How haunted are your heroes, in space? Welcome to episode 4 of the third season of Space Janitors, our very favorite web sci-fi comedy show telling the story of Darby and Mike, two sanitation engineers who formerly worked on a Death Star like vehicle but have joined their version of the rebel alliance in Season 3. You can watch the first three episodes of Space Janitors Season Three to catch up on the show here. You are welcome to watch the complete Space Janitors Season One here and the complete second season of Space Janitors here.

Rhombus Web Comedy Series Parody of Cube Trailer


Some of the folks behind Space Janitors, one of the funniest video web series, released this trailer for Rhombus which tells the story of seven complete strangers who possess unique qualities who are trapped in a giant Rhombus, everyone’s favorite shape from high school geometry.

Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman created Rhombus and describe it as a single-camera, 11-episode comedic-horror webseries that takes you inside a futuristic, alien, death-maze which parodies The Cube.

Space Janitors Season 3 Kickstarter Campaign

Davin Lengyel, Geoff Lapaire, Andy Hull, the writers of Space Janitors, a funny sci-fi comedy homage to Star Wars announced definitive plans to produce a third season. Space Janitors centers in the lives of two twenty something janitors, Mike and Darby and their friends, who work in dead end jobs on a death star like evil space vessel. One of these two characters’ father may be a rebel leader.

They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 to help complete season. Perks include access to their Janitor Locker which contains producer commentaries, outtakes, unreleased shorts and promo videos, audition tapes, soundtracks, 3d models and sound effects used in the show.

You can watch the complete second season of Space Janitors here.

Outlands 8 Bit Cartoon Episode 3

In the third episode of Outlands, an 8 Bit cartoon created by Adam de la Pena, the crew of Titanic II, find themselves rescued on a planet by the handsomest man in universe named after a real actor. Check it out.

Rock Jocks Sci Fi Comedy Movie Starring Felicia Day

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild, stars in a new sci fi comedy called Rock Jocks which centers on the under achieving employees of AMI, The Asteroid Management initiative who lack ambition, attention spans and a budget when a massive asteroid belt arrives at earth’s doorstep. Will Rock Jocks win an Oscar? Maybe? Will you enjoy Rock Jocks? Definitely a possibility. (more…)

Space Janitors Season Two Debut!

Screw the Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere. Space Janitors Season 2 Episode 1 in now live on Geek & Sundry! Excellent! Two Canadians Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire created Space Janitors.

In case you are dimmer than most, Space Janitors tells the funny story of two guys named Darby and Mike who work as custodial engineers (janitors) on a Death Star like vehicle. Its one of the best Star Wars parodies ever. You can view the Space Janitor’s entire first season using this link.

Action Adventure Game Capsized+ Comes To The iPad

One of the leading indie game companies Indiepub released Capsized+, an enhanced version of the original sci-fi action adventure Capsized, an indie game industry darling, on the iPad for $2.99. IndiePub plans to release Capsized+ on Android, Mac and PS3 later this year. Indie gamers praised the original Capsized when it first debuted and this “plus” version of Capsized will delight them. You can buy in game commendations at different price points. (more…)

Traxion Arcade Shoooter out on iOS and Mac

A press release for a physics arcade shooter game called Traxion published by Game Foundation and created by Blue Chip landed in our in box this morning. Consumers can play Traxion on their iPhones, iPads or on the old fashioned Mac computer for $1.99. Who would call a Mac computer old fashioned? (more…)

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