Space Janitors: Episode 7 Rebels Seem Like Nice Guys

So two janitors work on a Death Star like space vessel. Their friends include a couple of clones, a hot female android, and a human female worker. Find out what happens when their crew interfaces with a rebel prisoner in Episode 7 of Space Janitors, one of our two favorite scripted web series. The other being “The Guild” written by Felicia Day.

The Space Janitors production team just wrapped shooting Season 2 and will debut the episodes on the Geek & Sundry web site presumably in the spring.

Space Janitors Episode One on Geek and Sundry

Post and Interview by John Busher

What would life be like for a janitor living and working on the Deathstar? Would the janitor aspire to lead a more sinister role on the Deathstar or would you keep your head down, do your job, save your payback to buy some land in retirement? (more…)

Space Janitors Funny Video Series Coming November 13th

What do you think life is like for janitors on a space station with evil intentions? You can find out November 13th when Geek & Sundry, the folks behind the fantastic show The Guild, debut Space Janitors, a new scif-fi satirical comedy about janitors who work on board an evil space station like the Death Star from Star Wars.

Two Canadians, Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire, created the series featuring the janitors named Mike Chet (played by Pat Thorton) and Darby Richards (played by Brendan Halloran). Darby, who dates an Android, dreams of a greater role on the space station while Mike avoids making waves, collects his salary and hopes to build a moisture farm.

We haven’t seen Space Janitors but we think the concept has potential.

Blast Aliens Free iOS Action Game Download

Neil Baller, co-founder of Owzom introduced us to their free to play action alien shooter game called Blast Aliens. When we first opened the game we saw the reticle on our IPhone screen we thought ahh a boring first person shooter. However our initial impression was very wrong. Owzom combined a western and sci fi themed game which takes place in the Outworld colonies In Blast Aliens you have to duel with alien species. You aim the reticle by tilting your device until its on the target. Its not easy although we get lost in the shower. It’s an interesting approach to a shooter game. (more…)

Unstoppable Gorg Tower Defense Game Download

FutureMark Studios released this trailer showcasing game play for their upcoming tower defense game for the PC, IPad and XBLA, Unstoppable Gorg, a homage to the early Sci-Fi films of the 40s and 50s. The Gorg, lead by the Lizard King, attack earth in the classic flying saucers. The tower defense battles take place in orbit around earth as opposed to land based battles. The Unstoppable Gorg game play looks unique. FutureMark Studios plans to release Unstoppable Gorg in early 2012. Price is TBD. (more…)

Ensign 1 Multiplayer Space Combat Game Download

Brandon Smith, an indie game developer listed on Kickstarter, shared this game trailer for his multiplayer space shooter with a twist called Ensign 1. According to Brandon your character disregards operational discipline in the middle of a space ship dog fight to wander off to some large asteroid you see in the distance. (more…)

Nano Assault DS Game Download

Majesco Entertainment released these big bright colorful screenshots for their upcoming Shin’En shump game coming out November 22, 2011 for a $29.99. Did you see the 1966 classic movie starring Raquel Welch called Fantastic Voyage? in Fantastic Voyage Raquel Welch’s character and her medical crew are miniaturized and injected into the body of a diplomat to kill poison in his blood to save him. In Nano Assault, Raquel and her crew are missing but you battle nasty little virus called the Nanostray inside people’s body’s to save humanity.

Nano Assault Screenshots:

Nano Assault Screenshot
Nano Assault Screenshot

Huespace Arcade Game Download

Indie game developer Nonsuch Games released their first video game for purchase and download for the PC called HueSpace for $4.99. In Huespace you pilot a flying saucer to fight evil forces draining energy from the galaxy.

Huespace Arcade Game Download $4.99

Blackwell Deception Game Download

Wadjet Eye Games released the latest downloadable mystery paranormal adventure game called Blackwell Deception for $14.99 (digital download) or $24.99 on a DVD which comes with all four Blackwell games. (more…)

Lifeless Planet Game Trailer

Lifeless Planet Trailer 1 from David Board on Vimeo.

Alaska based Stage 2 Studios released this trailer for Lifeless Planet, a downloadable sci-fi action adventure game coming for the PC and Mac. Consumers can pre-order Lifeless Planet in the form of a donation via the kick starter fund.

Here’s a brief description of Lifeless Planet from Stage 2 Studios – “While seeking life on a distant planet, a skeptical astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian laboratory. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon…”

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