JamesTown Shooter Game Trailer

JamesTown Shooter Game Trailer

We came across this game trailer for Jamestown described as a multi-player “neo-classical shooter” for up to four players created by Final Form Games. The game takes place on Mars during the 17th century. Apparently the red coats ( you know the British – King George, taxation without representation etc) have colonized Mars. We are not sure how the British got to Mars but hey sometimes you have to suspend reality when consuming downloadable games and entertainment. Final Form Games plans to release the game this summer.

J.U.L.I.A New Screenshots out

Julie Game Screenshot

CBE says the beta testing of the completed game, J.U.L.I.A will soon commence. They describe Julia as a logical video game for the PC built on the story of Rachel Manners, a 35 year old astrobiologist, who is among a close group of scientists chosen to embark upon one of the most critical mission ever conceived on Earth – to encounter alien sentient life forms.

Julie Game Screenshot

We will let you know when Cardboard Box Entertainment releases the beta for J.U.L.I.A.

Gratuitous Space Battles – 4 New Worlds Added

Gratuitous Space Battles Strategy Game Screenshot

Cliff Harris, AkA Cliffski AKA Positech creator of Gratuitous Space Battles has released four new galaxy maps for GSB users can conquer for free. According to the Positech, the creator of this downloadable strategy game, the four new worlds make the game “playable” as opposed to impossibly hard and you may now consider a career as a supreme galactic ruler ship. This was at the top of our list. Couldn’t you tell? The original Gratuitous Space Battles costs $19.95 and the collectors edition costs $24.95. (more…)

Planet Stronghold RPG from Winter Wolves

Planet Stronghold RPG Screenshot

Introducing Planet Stronghold from WinterWolves who describe this downloadable game as turn based sci-fi rpg with more heroes than the discontinued NBC “Save the cheerleader save the World” show. This downloadable game features up to eight heroes and four alien races. Consumers play the rpg game as a man or a woman. WinterWolves has published Planet StrongHold for Windows, Mac and Linux for $24.99. Features include:

– Four different character classes
– Eight NPC will join you in the battle
– Detailed battles with many tactical choices
– Over 40 unique enemies to fight including some “boss fights”
– Three optional romance ending for each gender for a total of 6 different romance endings
– Lots of quest and side-quests to solve
– Dynamic story that changes based on your choices
– Use non-combat skills like Explosives, Science, Sneak to solve some situations without resorting to combat

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Gemini Rue Adventure Game Released

Gemini Rue published by WadJet Eye Games came out today. Created by Joshua Nuernberger, an UCLA undergrad with sound design by Nathan Allen Pinard, Gemini Rue, a downloadable point and click adventure game, tells the story of Azriel Odin, a formerly ruthless paid assassin with a crime syndicate called the Boryokudan on the planet Barracus. Azriel’s perspective changes and he works with the local law enforcement to rid the planet of the Boryokudan. Nuernberger has included interesting characters like Delta-Six, Matthius Howard, Kane Harris, Epsilon-Five, Balder, Giselle and a mysterious “Director”. The game looks interesting. We will publish a complete review in a few weeks.

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