Standup Comedian Andy Hull’s New Album Step Parenting Debuts

Stand-up Comedian Andy Hull New Album Step Parenting

Stand-up Comedian Andy Hull New Album Step Parenting

Standup comedian Andy Hull released a new comedy album called Step Parenting this week. You can watch the video below or listen to a stream at Soundcloud here. Step Parenting is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, and all other major audio-streaming services. You can buy Andy Hull Step Parenting directly from Rooftop Comedy. As the album’s title suggests a lot of the comedy centers on being a step parent. He’s pretty funny and original. (more…)

Erica Rhodes – Stand Up Comedian Is The Next Steven Wright!

Erica Rhodes-standup-comedian-next-steven-wright

Erica Rhodes-standup-comedian-next-steven-wright

Hello From Pyangyong! Yes. You read that right. This is Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s only democratically elected dictorial tyrant typing these words you are reading now. A few weeks ago I volunteered at the San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival undercover as a mid 40s western european looking involuntary born again male virgin with brown hair and hazel eyes. No one attending the SF Sketchfest shows at the Eureka Theater in San Francisco’s financial district knew the gentle shepherd of the North Korea people was selling them beer, wine, bottled water & peanuts, sometimes using Apple Pay to conduct the transaction.

Volunteers at SF Sketchfest sometimes get to interact with the performers. I have met, in my disguise, Adam Scott, Thomas Lennon, Michael Ian Black, Harland Williams, Laraine Newman, Kevin Pollak, Andy Daly and many more.

This year I met Erica Rhodes, a Los Angeles based stand Up comedian who performed with Dana Gould, Kate Micucci, Arden Myrin, Chris Hardwick and others in a comedic game show. After their performance I also checked out Erica’s standup act on Youtube. When I Watched her Youtube videos I thought her comedy reminds me a lot of Steven Wright’s, one of the funniest standup comedians from New England. She’s very funny. The team officially declares Erica Rhodes the next Steven Wright.

Davon Magwood’s “I’d Rather Be Napping” Standup Album Out For Pre-Order

Davon Magwood Standup Comedy On Sale

Davon Magwood “I’d Rather Be Napping” Standup Comedy On Sale

Young comedian Davon Magwood’s Stand Up Special called “I’d Rather Be Napping” goes on pre-sale through ITunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. You can check out a video of his standup below the links.






Comedy Central Standup Specials for $5.00

The Comedy Central team decided to sell a bunch of their standup specials for $5.00. The specials are playable on most platforms including the PC, iOS, Android, Mac, XBOX 360, Playstation and Wii U. Check this page for the complete system requirements.

We have included links to the participating comedians Comedy Central individual pages below: (more…)

Louis CK Beacon Theater Stand Up Comedy Performance for Sale

We support creative artists of all types, mostly game developers who come up with fantastic original games like Tiny Defense or To Fu 2. As much as we tend to cover video games we like to highlight artists like Louis CK, a funny stand up comedian offering his appearance at New York’s Beacon Theater as a video download for $5.00. Consumers can pay for Louis CK’s Beacon performance via Paypal.. You can “try before you buy” the performance by watching the video outtake above. (more…)