1st JJ Adams Star Wars Footage

JJ Adamds released the very first footage from the New Star Wars. He’s also offering the chance for a fan to win an appearance in the movie.

Space Janitors Season 2 Finale: Fish Planet Part 2

As the summer goes on so do the lives of Darby (Brendan O’Halloran) and Mike (Pat Thorton), the main characters in Space Janitors, a Star Wars parody and one of our favorite web comedy TV Shows whose final episode of its sophomore season debuted today at Geek & Sundry. Davin Lengyei and Geoff Lapaire created Space Janitors. (more…)

Space Janitors Star Wars Parody Season 3 IndieGoGo Campaign

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like parody and comedy? Have you seen Space Janitors, the irreverent web video series which tells the story of Darby Richards and Mike Chet, two guys employed as janitors on a Death Star like vessel in space? Two Canadians, Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire, created Space Janitors and they launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund Season 3. If you enjoy Space Janitors, even though Canadians created it, feel free to support them now. (more…)

Space Janitors Season Two Debut!

Screw the Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere. Space Janitors Season 2 Episode 1 in now live on Geek & Sundry! Excellent! Two Canadians Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire created Space Janitors.

In case you are dimmer than most, Space Janitors tells the funny story of two guys named Darby and Mike who work as custodial engineers (janitors) on a Death Star like vehicle. Its one of the best Star Wars parodies ever. You can view the Space Janitor’s entire first season using this link.

The Force Comes to PinBall on iOS and Android

May the force be with your mobile Pinball Table. Zen Studios, the mobile pinball masters released three Star Wars Themed tables as in app purchases with their Zen Pinball game:

Star Wars Episode V $1.99
Boba Fett $1.99
Star Wars The Clone War $1.99 (more…)

Space Janitor’s Season One Episode 8 Finale

Find out what happens to Darby, one of the janitors living and working on a Death Star like vessel in the final episode of Space Janitors, an epically funny web show written by two Canadians, Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire. Can you believe Canadians have a sense of humor? Aye. Aboot. (more…)

Space Janitors: Episode 7 Rebels Seem Like Nice Guys

So two janitors work on a Death Star like space vessel. Their friends include a couple of clones, a hot female android, and a human female worker. Find out what happens when their crew interfaces with a rebel prisoner in Episode 7 of Space Janitors, one of our two favorite scripted web series. The other being “The Guild” written by Felicia Day.

The Space Janitors production team just wrapped shooting Season 2 and will debut the episodes on the Geek & Sundry web site presumably in the spring.

Angry Birds Star Wars Nov 8th

The Birds are angry in a galaxy far far away. Rovio and Lucas Films will release Angry Birds Star Wars set in a galaxy far far away on November 8th on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Windows 8. What’s next? How about “Angry Birds and the Chocolate Factory or “12 Angry Birds” set in a jury deliberation room.

In Angry Birds Star Wars the birds will play the iconic Star Wars characters on the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Death Star. Rovio promises “cutting edge” game play. We look forward to seeing what they make of Angry Birds Star Wars.

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