Letris Power iOS Game Download

Bear with us one second.  A game company called Ivanovich Games sent us a confusing press release about two of their games, Letris 2 and Letris Power where they blended elements of Tetris and Scrabble like Ben & Jerry’s combination of cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate fudge brownies to make their Half Baked ice cream flavor. They have made a great game harder than Tetris and Scrabble. Consumers can play both Letris 2 and Letris Power for free on the ios platform.  Conceptually the games’ concepts are simple and we suspect many game developers will say “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?  Oh wait, I’ll just clone it.” If you haven’t noticed many game developers clone other game developers original game concepts because they lack creativity. (more…)

Jumbled iOS Puzzle Game Download

Uk based Game Developer Neon Play released Jumbled, a puzzle game for the iOS platform in the free to play model. Consumers can buy elements of the game like coins $0.99 for 2500 and/or $1.99 for 5000 coins, unlimited hints for 2.99 and unlock all levels for $2.99. Jumbled doesn’t offer much in terms of unique game play. Its a low quality Tetris clone.

Jumbled iOS Free Puzzle Game Download