Dark Nebula HD Episode One – Fantastic Puzzle Game

Free Lunch Design, the folks behind the classic arcade game Icy Tower 2, released the HD version of Dark Nebula Episode 1 with 12 new levels, Dark Nebula offers a spectacularly designed puzzle game with excellent labyrinth game mechanic appropriate for all fans of puzzle games on the iOS platform. (more…)

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download Coming March 15th

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download

How Bitter is Sam? Why is Sam Bitter? Apparently, Sam’s life has never been easy. Who’s life has been easy, Sam? When you were in your mother’s womb did someone promise you an easy life?

He’s been overlooked by his family, did shitty in school and lost out on love… and now scientist kidnapped and tossed him into a bottomless pit to search for crystals which hold a secret power. You will find out more when independent game developer Moon Active releases their first game called Bitter Sam on the iPhone and IPod Touch on March 15, 2012 priced at $0.99. Moon Active describes Bitter Sam as a “tilt based action puzzler”. (more…)

Pizza Vs Skeletons iOS Arcade Game

Pizza Vs Skeletons iOS Arcade Game Download

Riverman Media released Pizza Vs Skeletons, an interesting arcade game built specifically for the iOS platform. In Pizza vs Skeletons you play a giant pizza who must defeat bad guys like skeletons and fire breathing robots, by crushing them while avoiding their pointy spears and fire. You do this by tilting your device to the left or right. You can also make the pizza jump by tapping device’s screen. We applaud their creative approach to building a unique game. Pizza Vs Skeletons requires iOS 5.0 or later. (more…)

Foodie the Bug iOS Arcade Game Download

Megacubic released Foodie the Bug, a side scrolling arcade game where the game player tilts their device to keep the main character, Foodie, as he flies around landmarks. Foodie powers his flights with jelly beans and collects ingredients as he works his way towards becoming a master chef. Megacubic produced a unique fun game. Foodie the Bug costs $0.99.

Here’s the description from Megacubic:

Foodie the Bug, on the iPhone App Store. This tilt-based flying game tells the story of Foodie, an extraordinary cockroach who desires to embark on a journey to discover tasty ethnic cuisines to fulfill his picky appetite. Combining game elements of both adventure and arcade, Foodie the Bug allows players to assume the role of Foodie that flies to the exotic destinations in a given amount of time and collects different food ingredients along the way.

Foodie the Bug iOS Arcade Game Download

“As our first game release, Foodie the Bug is a huge milestone for. We have received many positive comments from the pre-launch event of the game, and we’re confident that people will fall in love with such an adorable figure as Foodie.” remarked Kenny Su, Founder and CEO of MegaCubic. “In the meantime, we will continue to roll out more high-quality games in the near future.”

Foodie the Bug features various levels for each of its three main game settings: Egypt, Mexico and Italy. Each level is filled with jelly beans, collectibles, and multiple aids. Players will have to avoid obstacles such as Egyptian mummies or Italian mafia in order to finish the level. There are also numerous achievements and international dishes for players to unlock and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Game Center. ”

Foodie the Bug iOS Arcade Game Download

Courage Wolf Jump iOS Tilt Platform Game Download

Courage Wolf Jump iOS Platform Game

Rocket Splash Games released Courage Wolf Jump, a tilt based vertical scrolling platform game. The Courage Wolf Jump game player must tilt the device to direct the wolf onto each platform level. Courage Wolf doesn’t offer much in way of a story or plot. You must collect coins which enable you to buy new weapons and equipment. (more…)