Powder Monkeys iOS Game Download

XMG Studio released Powder Monkey, an action arcade monkey’s battling bugs game consumers can download to their IPhone and or IPad for $0.99. In Powder Monkey the world has emerged from another ice age where monkeys and bugs battle each other for the surviving assets in the world. This mobile game features the good guys i.e the monkeys led by Beardy McEyePatch and the bad guys (the bugs) led by Fidel Mantis. The Monkeys and Bugs battle each other in wooden 17th century ships using watermelon cannonballs, rockets and umbrella bullets which ward off the flying missiles. (more…)

Anthill IPad Strategy Game Download

Swedish Game Developer Image & Form released Anthill, a real time stategy game for the iOS platform for $1.99 for the first week. According to Image & Form Anthill offers new take on real-time strategy games with the game player directs (via the touch screen) units of ants rather than individual ant. We can’t tell from an of their marketing material what the price for Anthill will be after the first week but you only have to pay for Anthill once and can play it on both the IPhone and the IPad. Anthill is a universal app for iPhone 3GS/iPad 1 or newer, min iOS 4.0. (more…)

Legend of the Fish of Fury IPad Game

Legend of Fish of Fury IPad Game Download

First we had Angry Birds dropping bombs on poor defenseless pigs and now we have angry fish itching for a fight? Are they fighting pigs? Alligators? Politicians? No. The fish are fighting other fish! Crazy. T-Enterprise released Legend of the Fish of Fury, a martial arts style fighting game featuring pugilistic fish for $0.99 for the IPad and IPhone.

In this touch screen fighting game Legend of the Fish of Fury, you have to battle eight other fish to “win” the honor of fighting the ultimate evil Emperor Fish.

Legend of the Fish of Fury offers four game modes – practice, arcade, survival and quick play.