Momonga Pinball Adventures

Do you play adventure games? Do you enjoy pinball? Dutch based Paladin Studios blended the pinball flipping mechanic with an adventure game to create Momonga Pinball Adventures.

Momonga Pinball Adventures features Momo, a flexible flying squirrel to partners with a giant panda and a firefly to free his fellow squirrels from the dreaded owl bandits. In a traditional pinball game you play the level over and over again aiming to get the high score. In Momonga Pinball Adventures, you use the flippers to propel Momo the squirrel through all the different stages of each level. Sometimes you flip Momo into the air where you tilt the device to make sure he he flies into the floating gems to collect them. (more…)

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download

Streamline Studios and Coke Zero released a really cool iOS arcade game called Axon Runners for $3.99 as a universal iOS game for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. Streamline Studios describes “Axon Runners as a futuristic 3D hoverboard action game for mobile”.

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Streamline Studios set Axon Runners in a city of the future called
Persepolis where the main character named Julio searches for two friends who have disappeared while trying to discover the secrets of the mysterious energy tunnels, called the Nightstream. You must join Julio in his dangerous mission to unravel the trail of corporate espionage that will lead them through the city of Persepolis to save the two missing Axon Runners and eventually themselves.

We think the game controls really make Axon Runners unique. Then screen displays the character floating in the air on an elevated skateboard. You swipe the screen slowly to move him forward. You swipe quickly to get him to jump. You tap the screen with two fingers to blast your enemies. Jumping higher accelerates your flight through the air testing your eye hand coordination. In other words it gets harder to prevent a crash.

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Here’s a more detailed description of Axon Runners from Streamline Studios:

“Axon Runners features 15 levels of fast-paced gameplay that will test players’ skill and agility in three modes of play, including Campaign, Challenge and Nightstream. First players must choose a character from six available at launch, each with a different outfit and look, and then a hoverboard. But with 10 different hoverboards available at launch, each with unique attributes, such as slowing down the time matrix to accomplish “super jumps” or shoot shockwaves to destroy obstacles in the way, the choice must be made carefully. Players are rewarded for in-game accomplishments and tasked to collect energy orbs throughout each level, providing hours of replayability. Join the ranks of the Axon Runners and enter the Nightstream now!”

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Contre Jour IPad Game of the Year

Apple named Contre Jour the IPad Game of the Year. Created by Mokus and published by Chillingo, Contre Jour enables the user to change the landscape to help you solve each level. For example if you can use your finger to make a piece of flat land ramp up or incline so Petit, the main character, can roll down the hill. Contre Jour’s video trailer showcases this feature. Contre Jour reminds us a bit of the World of Goo with darker visuals. Consumers can download Contre Jour to their IPad, IPhone and Ipod Touch both in “regular” and HD versions. (more…)

Anthill IPad Strategy Game Download

Swedish Game Developer Image & Form released Anthill, a real time stategy game for the iOS platform for $1.99 for the first week. According to Image & Form Anthill offers new take on real-time strategy games with the game player directs (via the touch screen) units of ants rather than individual ant. We can’t tell from an of their marketing material what the price for Anthill will be after the first week but you only have to pay for Anthill once and can play it on both the IPhone and the IPad. Anthill is a universal app for iPhone 3GS/iPad 1 or newer, min iOS 4.0. (more…)