Night of The Living Deb Zombie Rom Com Movie With Maria Thayer

Night of the Living Deb Zombie Rom Com With Maria Thayer

Night of the Living Deb Zombie Rom Com With Maria Thayer

A woman wakes up next to a strange good-looking guy in his apartment. She exits his house and lands in the middle to a zombie apocalypse in Portland Maine in the movie “Night of The Living Deb”. Maria Thayer, Ray Wise and Michael Cassidy star with a few more folks. We are unsure when and where you can watch “Night of the Living Deb” but will update the post when we know more details. (more…)

Walking Dead Season 4 Comic Con Trailer

The title says it all. What else do you need to know? Oh. Lori, Rick’s wife, and Andrea both bought the big one in Season 3. What will Rick and the gang do in Season 4? Will the Governor make an ugly appearance? Stay tuned for Season 4 of the Walking Dead Premiering on October 13th at 9 PM. Oh crap that’s past our bed time. (more…)

Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Out Now

TellTale Games and SkyBound Entertainment released Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC on iOS as an in-app purchase in The Walking Dead game for $4.99. You must have the first episode, which comes free, installed on your device to buy this episode of Walking Dead. TellTale Games and Skybound Entertainment created an intense entertaining game.

Walking Dead iTunes Store Link

Who Upgraded The Zombies? Crazy Bill Did.

Spain based Ivanovich Games released Crazy Bill, a new free ad supported action arcade game employing retro visuals, offering non stop action and features Zombie Celebrity lookalikes who do more than just moan while stumbling around the screen. Consumers can play Crazy Bill on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. An Android version of Crazy Bill may popup in the future. (more…)

Walking Dead Game Season Finale Trailer

Where’s Clementine? Lee must find her before ….we don’t want to think about will happen if the Walkers find her first. Check out the video game trailer for the Walking Dead Season Finale from Telltale Games. Do dead zombies tell tales?

The Walking Dead video game season finale comes out on PlayStation Network US today, and tomorrow on the following platforms – Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network EU, PC/MAC, and iOS. Android users are out of luck.

Walking Dead iOS Game Download link

Running Dead iOS Game Download

Leal Arts released their take on the running video game genre called “Running Dead”. As you might guess you are running away from zombies who have overtaken your town. Running Dead costs $0.99 on either the IPhone or IPad but we think the game plays better on the IPhone. (more…)

Zombie Burst iOS Game Download

Zombie Pea Head from Zombie Burst Game

Another day, another Zombie themed video game. This time Los Angeles based CatFoster Media released Zombie Burst on the iOS platform priced at $0.99. Consumers can also buy Mrs. O’Leary’s (Chicago Fire) lantern for an additional $0.99. (more…)

Plight of the Zombies Coming to iOS and Android Spring 2012

Finally a game worthy of zombie lovers tired of seeing zombies die at the hands of crazed humans. Spark Plug Games anounced their plans to release Plight of the Zombies on the iOS and Android platforms later this summer.

Here’s a partial description of Plight of the Zombies from the folks at Spark Plug Games:

:All we ask is that you to check out our cause and help end zombie hunger. There are those among us who are misunderstood. They’re rejected by society and even killed, just for being who they are! It’s time to walk a mile in someone else’s shoe, or in this instance, someone’s deceased and quite undead shoe as you feel the everlasting pangs of hunger.

You know what it’s like to be counting down the clock to lunchtime, absolutely craving a burger (or veggie burger). Just imagine that feeling every day. And instead of burgers, you want brains. It could happen, right?

“Zombie hunger is a real epidemic and one that we take very seriously here at Spark Plug Games,” said John O’Neill, carnivorous President of Spark Plug Games. “We have invested heavily into the cure for zombie hunger in this yummy game, and we hope it solves the plight of zombies everywhere.”

Plight of the Zombie features:
● Play over 30 deliciously brainy puzzles
● Be one with your inner zombie. As you nom on yummy brains
● Support a savory cause by helping end zombie hunger
● Appetizing store with plenty of tasteful accessories for your zombies
● Available initially on Android platforms by Q2 2012, iOS by Q3
● It’s free! Some people say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We beg to differ…”

We look forward to playing Plight of the Zombies when it becomes available for download.

Hollyweird Zombies iOS Game Download

We like to highlight apps that may inject some humor into our lives. With a name like “Harry Balls” would you expect otherwise? We came across Hollyweird Zombies, a free ios game consumers can download to their IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad using iOS 4.1 or later. What does Hollyweird Zombies do? As you might guess its a Zombie themed side scrolling game that let’s you turn photos of your favorite and less than favorites folks into Zombies so you can destroy them with weapons like machine guns and chainsaws. Admittedly the game mechanic won’t win any awards for innovation but Hollyweird Zombies may help you blow off steam.

Hollyweird Zombies Free iOS Game Download

Zombie Gnomes Attack Android Game Download

Arowx Games released Zombie Gnomes Attack for Android phones for $0.99. We would describe Zombie Gnomes Attack as a first person shooter as the Zombie Gnomes relentlessly come at you like Kamikaze piloted planes. (more…)

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