Funniest Video Games 2010

Here’s the link to our 2010 Funniest Video Games list.

When is the last time you played a video game that made you laugh? Has a video game ever made you chuckle? The folks behind the new game site, which offers indie and casual game downloads, like to laugh at everything all the time. Coincidentally we also like to play video games especially funny games.

Recently we wondered “What are the funniest video games of all time?” We
asked four of our contributors to name their favorite funny video games of
all time, regardless of platform. Four writers named their top ten funniest video games. We were shocked, no, astounded and amazed that they all came up with their own separate lists with very few games common to all the lists. We combined their lists into one giant list of the 35 funniest video games of all time for your consumption.

So who made the list? Some of the names may surprise you, some may not. Some of these funny games were published this year, some were published years ago. With names like Fatman, Nelly Cootalot, Conker, Phoenix Wright you would think they made the list. Maybe. For the complete list click on the links below.

Funniest Video Games #35 to #18

Funniest Video Games # 27 to #18

Funniest Video Games #17 to #9

Funniest Video Games #8 to #1

Kenneth Andrews, Daniel Giammano, Eric Bailey and Marai Rataj contributed significantly to this list of the funniest video games of all time.

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