Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition


Here’s the list of the first annual Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Video Game Character Models. Why should supermodels have all the fun? We invited characters in video games to pose in their bathing suits for this first annual Harry Balls Bathing suit edition. Click on the links to see each model. We have two pengiuns, an Orc, an inanimate object, a robot and a few more. We even have body painted models. There are 14 total Bathing Suit models.


1. Giant Bombshell from the iOS game Tiny Defense

2. A Hungrible from the game Hungribles by Futuremark Studios

3. A Crazy Female Worm from Worms Crazy Golf by Team 17 Games

4. The General Great Little War Game

5. Possessed Demon from Dark Delve by Check Mark Games

6. An Orc from the game Orczz by Camel 101 and Legenda Studios

7. The Package from the game The Package by Rock Pocket Games

8. Gwynne, the penguin from Hammer Penguins, a PC puzzle game from Small Fun Games.

9. The Sheep from the iOS game Saving Private Sheep by BulkyPix.

10. Eddy from Arcade Jumper

Jelly Defense Body Painted Models

Jelly Defense Body Painted Models

11. Two Jellies from Jelly Defense – Body Painted Models

12. A Mudling from Idle Worship

13. Putski- the Evil Penguin from the game RockBirds: HardBoiled Chicken by RatLoop Studios.

14. Two EverHungries from the game Picnic Mayhem by GameBrausch

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