5 Post Daily Show Career Options for #JonStewart

5 Post Daily Show Career Options for Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart announced his plans to exit The Daily Show at some point in 2015. The nutty editorial team conjured up these post Daily Show career options for Mr. Stewart. 1. Manage the New York Mets. 2. Join the fair and balanced Fox Network News team. 3. Co-star with Bill O’Reilly in a Broadway revival […]

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Misremembering By Will Durst

Up is Down by Will Durst

Misremembering by Will Durst Big bad brouhaha over at NBC with anchor Brian Williams misremembering being shot down in a helicopter on a trip to Iraq, when the facts seem to indicate that although he did fly in a helicopter, and was over Iraq, he was not shot down. Well, come on; the guy was […]

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Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Trailer

Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer

The second Pitch Perfect 2 trailer came out this today. All your favorite vocal heroines (Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson) from the first movie appear plus a few new faces like Hailee Steinfeld appear.

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Chris Christie Blows the Competition Away in the HarryBalls.com Presidential Poll

Chris Christie Blows the Competition Away like a Category 3 Hurricane in the first HarryBalls.com Presidential Poll

(San Francisco, CA) HarryBalls.com, a satirical news site, published the results of their first political poll asking prospective self-loathing Republican voter’s one single question:

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Valentine’s Day Funny Videos According to NBC’s Brian William’s Credibility

Valentines Day Funny Videos 2015

NBC’s Brian William’s credibility stopped by the virtual offices of HarryBalls.com which are now located on Pyongyang, North Korea. I, Kim Jong Un, took ownership of the site as “The Interview” SONY hacking scandal broke in December 2014. Brian Williams credibility shared it’s four favorite Valentine’s Day funny videos. How can can inanimate fictious object […]

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John Oliver Pokes Fun of Big Pharma And Their Docs


Sometimes we think the only investigative reporters left on TV are Jon Stewart and John Oliver. In this video Mr. Oliver humorously explains the complicated and conflicted relatonships between pharmacuetical companies and the doctors who write prescriptions.

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High Maintainenance Funny 420 Pot Show

High Maintenance Funny 420 Comedy Show

Imagine if Nancy Botwin, the heroine of Showtime’s Weeds, created and produced by Jenji Kohan, delivered her fragrant leafy green product driving around Brooklyn, NY on a bike rather than in her SUV in Southern California. Now picture Ms. Botwin was a mid 30’s wiry bearded male rather than an attractiv late 30s intelligent but […]

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Red Velvet Ropage by Will Durst

THE NEW TAR PITS by Will Durst

By Will Durst And now for a few choice words concerning my recent demotion to the status of second- class citizen. The amazing thing is how quickly my metamorphosis into Cockroachlandia occurred. One minute, I’m walking around like an ordinary human; the next minute, I’m an insect, an unwanted stiff, a bum, a vagabond, a […]

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6 More Credible Statements Than Anything NBC’s Brian Williams Says

6 More Credible Statements Than Anything NBC's Brian Williams Says

1. Major League Baseball Player Alex Rodriguez: “I did not use performance enhancing drugs.” 2. Lance Armstrong: “I did not use performance enhancing drugs” and “My girlfriend hit those parked cars.”

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Kim Jong Un’s Open Job Offer to Amy Pascal, Formerly With SONY

Kim Jong Un’s Email Etiquette Tips For Tom Rothman

Dear Ms. Pascal, Hello. I hope this note finds you and your loved ones in great happiness, health and fully employed. Oops. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Maybe I’m still a little upset about the accusation that my great country of North Korea orchestrated the hack of SONY Entertainment’s computer network that is more porous […]

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