Rhombus Web Comedy Series Parody of Cube Trailer

Rhombus Web Comedy Series Trailer

) Some of the folks behind Space Janitors, one of the funniest video web series, released this trailer for Rhombus which tells the story of seven complete strangers who possess unique qualities who are trapped in a giant Rhombus, everyone’s favorite shape from high school geometry. Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman created Rhombus and describe […]

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Kid Cannabis True Story Movie Trailer

Kid Cannabis Movie Trailer

Here’s the movie trailer of a cannabis themed true story of a high school drop out who builds a pot distribution empire. The movies stars Jonathan Daniel Brown and Kenny Wormald with John C. McGinley and Ron Perlman playing supporting roles.

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Angry Black Roommate Funny Web Series

Angry Black Roommate Funny Video Web Series

) The title of this web series succinctly and thoroughly describes the plot. Angry Black Roommate features Raneir Pollard, a Los Angeles based comedian who deals with multiple roommate situations we have all experienced. Read the show’s tagline “Revenge Porn For Disgruntled Roommates”. Boy do we have some roommate stories.

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Man Vs Wild Parody by Theo & Friends

Man vs Wild Funny Video Parody

Here’s a funny video parody of the now cancelled Man Vs Wild starring Bear Gryllis. Theo & Friends produced the video.

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A Bud of Marijuana Interviews Vladimir Putin’s Left Nipple About The Ukraine

Hello reader. You are looking at words written by a well-adjusted beautiful bud of sativa marijuana, the strain of pot that some folks prefer for its ability to help them unleash their inner mad creative genius. My parents named me Sativa Sue and I earn extra income by conducting and publishing satirical interviews with inanimate […]

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Wolf of Warcraft Official Trailer Parody

We came across this pretty funny parody trailer of a Wolf of Wall Street/World of WarCraft movie created by PITtv. Even Martin Scorsese makes a cameo. Not really.

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Getting Doug with High Funny Web Show

Getting Doug With High Funny Web Show

We came across this funny web show on Youtube called Getting Doug with High starring Doug Benson, a comedian who invites guests like Aubrey Plaza, Jenny Slate and Matt Walsh (VEEP) to consume marijuana while they discuss the guests high history and general small talk involving the 420 lifestyle. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the […]

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A Bud of Sativa Marijuana Interviews Obama’s Golf Putter About the Russia/Ukraine Crisis

A Bud of Marijuana Interviews Obama's Putter About The Ukraine Crisis

The demented Harry Balls editorial team invited me, Sativa Sue, a well-adjusted & beautiful fragrant bud of sativa marijuana, to guest write this post. President Obama held a press conference Friday to address the Russian mini invasion of its former satellite country, the Ukraine. I invited President Obama‚Äôs golf putter to address questions our audience […]

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Tasty Tasty Grandpa – Cannibalism Themed Mobile Game

A cannibalism themed video game? Yes. We met Craig Duturbure, the founder and creative director of Australian Grapple Gun Games at the GDC Indie Game event in 2013. Craig presented a video demo of Tasty Tasty Grandpa, their cannibal themed 2D side scrolling game coming out March 27 2014 on the iOS platform for $.99 […]

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Kim Jong Un’s Cartoon Hunger Games

Kim Jong Un's Cartoon Hunger Games

Watch what happens when North Korea’s esteemed leader Kim Jong Un produces his own animated version of the Hunger Games. The folks at College Humor created this funny video.

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