SNL Leslie Jones Dating in NYC Weekend Update

SNL Leslie Jones Dating in NY Weekend Update

Leslie Jones shares her funny perspective on dating in New York City during Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update in this funny video clip.

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SNL Empire Promo with Chris Hemsworth As The White Office Manager

SNL Empire Promo Chris Hemsworth2

The Fox show Empire has captivated the african american audience completely but what about the white folks. The Saturday Night Live version of Empire hired Chris Hemsworth as “Chip” the white office manager.

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SNL Iggy Azalea Funny Video Parody Kate McKinnon

SNL Iggy AzaLea Funny Video Parody Kate McKinnon

Here a funny Iggy Azalea parody video from Saturday Night Live poking fun of Ms. Azalea’s social media feuds with other minor celebrities. Kate Mckinnon parodies Iggy Azalea. Who doesn’t Miss McKinnon parody? She kills.

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SNL Thor Chris Hemsworth Victory Dance

SNL Thor Chris Hemsworth Funny Video

Chris Hemsworth parodies Thor on Saturday Night Live in this funny video spoof. Thor celebrates victory over Ultron.

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SNL Hillary Clinton Email Parody – Kate McKinnon

SNL Hillary Clinton Email Funny Video Parody with Kate McKinnon

Kate Mckinnon, one of Saturday Night Live’s current stars, parodies Hillary Clinton’s special email situation in this funny video from last nights SNL show hosted by Chris Hemsworth.

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Hillary Clinton’s 10 Email Storage Tips for Transparent Politicians

10 Questions for Hillary Clinton about Her Private Email System.

1. Avoid maintaining your own email storage server in your basement next to the dead bodies. If possible move the bodies. 2. Don’t use an obvious domain like 3. Privatize your email domain registry. This usually costs $7 to $14 US annually. 4. Regarding the bodies from number tip #1 above – use a […]

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Bad Timing – A Funny Apocalyptic Video Romantic Comedy

Bad Timing - A Funny Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy

We came across this funny apocalyptic romantic comedy called “Bad Timing” from Goldenhusk. Bad Timing tells the story of a geek and the girl of his dreams during the end of the world.

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Wes Anderson’s Version of the X-Man in this Funny Video Parody

Wes Anderson's Version of X Men

What would happen if Wes Anderson directed his own version of the X-Men using his distinctive style seen in The “Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Rushmore”, “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”, “The Royal Tenenbaums”, and “Moonrise Kingdom”? Watch this funny video called “The Uncanny X-Men” created by Patrick H. Willems. Its a pretty […]

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Fifty Shades of Grey & Star Wars Parody: Fifty Shades of Hutt

Fifty Shades of Hutt

What happens when you over dub Fifty Shades of Grey audio onto one of the most famous scenes from the first Star Wars trilogy? This funny video Fifty Shades of Grey and Star Wars parody spoof called Fifty Shades of Hutt, as in Jabba the Hutt.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Announces Plans to Run for the Republican Nomination in the 2016 United States Presidential Election


(Washington D.C) Benjamin Netanyahu, appearing before a historic joint session of the United States Congress announced his intention to run for the Republican Nomination for the 2016 Presidential campaign.

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