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Critical Mass Game Demo Download
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Manic Game Studio’s released the playable demo for their 3D puzzle game called Critical Mass available for sale on Steam and from the Manic Game Studio’s web site for $9.99. Critical Mass injects 3D into a match 3 game which kind of looks like a Rubik’s Cube. (more…)

Tommy Tronic Game Review

Tommy Tronic Game Review Download

Tommy Tronic Game Review by Wayne K. Wilkins
Tommy Tronic Game Rating = 4/5

Tommy Tronic Game Download
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Game Review Summary

Tommy Tronic is probably the best ten bucks you will ever spend on a downloadable game. It features retro style gameplay with 2D graphics, a catchy and addictive music score and multiple difficulty levels to challenge veteran platform gamers or newcomers alike. A simple, family friendly storyline makes it arguably one of the best downloadable games on the Internet. (more…)