Cargo Game Demo Download

Cargo Game Demo Download -800 Mbs

Bit Composer published the demo version of downloadable action adventure game Cargo: Quest for Gravity, the game where the gods have reduced the landmass on earth to a few islands and they removed gravity from earth. The Cargo download demo isn’t exactly dainty at 800 mbs. (more…)

Tommy Tronic Game Review

Tommy Tronic Game Review Download

Tommy Tronic Game Review by Wayne K. Wilkins
Tommy Tronic Game Rating = 4/5

Tommy Tronic Game Download
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Game Review Summary

Tommy Tronic is probably the best ten bucks you will ever spend on a downloadable game. It features retro style gameplay with 2D graphics, a catchy and addictive music score and multiple difficulty levels to challenge veteran platform gamers or newcomers alike. A simple, family friendly storyline makes it arguably one of the best downloadable games on the Internet. (more…)

Dead Meets Lead Zombie Challenge Demo

Dead Meets Lead Zombie Game Screenshot

Keldyn Interactive released a free-to-play, single level version of their downloadable Zombie Slaughter game Dead Meets Lead called The Challenge. Keldyn Interactive describes Dead Meets Lead as a challenging zombie-slaying action game set to be released on May 3, 2011 for PC. The game centers around an 18th century character known as The Captain, who is on a mission to obliterate evil from a zombie-infested island in the Caribbean. It’s funny how much zombies are getting around in downloadable games these days. We will post an interview with four zombies later this week or next to discuss that very topic – the proliferation of zombies in video games.

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Elemental Shooter Game Download

Elemental Shooter Game Review by Clarence Johnson

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, If you love good action packed video games, Elemental Shooter is definitely one to check out. After looking at the preview and after actually checking this game out I will give it a rating of 4/5.

Elemental Shooter Action Game Screenshot

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The game is action packed, and intense. Elemental Shooter has good graphics, and the sound tracks have the tone of adventure. (more…)

Laser Dolphin Arcade Game Download

Laser Dolphin Game Review by Tabitha Akery
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

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A senator has been captured by aliens and its up to Laser Dolphin to race to the rescue. Thus the story begins. Collect gold dolphins on your way to saving the day. Race through the sea and jump land obstacles as you shoot floating mines, shooting lasers, and bomb strapped turtles. Be the hero you were meant to be, if you were a dolphin.

Laser Dolphin Arcade Game Download

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Plants Vs Zombies Strategy Game Download

Game Review by Hal Wierzbicki
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

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Plants Vs. Zombies is the latest take on the defense genre by Popcap games. With a $20 price tag, it has a lot to offer. Try it for free for 60 minutes of game play, and discover how much fun it can be to fend off the undead with gardening!

Plants Vs Zombies Screenshot (more…)

Turtix: Rescue Adventure

Game Review by John Michael Koroloff
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

Turtix: Rescue Adventure Download
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Whoever said that turtles were slow creatures obviously have not played the game Turtix: Rescue Adventure. This addictive platform game from the developers Alawar has demonstrated just how fast a turtle can go when it comes down to saving his turtle brethren. (more…)

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