5 Tips from Hillary Clinton For Hiding a 2nd Private Email Account

5 Tips from Hillary Clinton For Hiding a 2nd Private Email Account

5 Tips from Hillary Clinton For Hiding a 2nd Private Email Account

1. Don’t let your husband’s side bimbos find out about it.

2. Leak details about the TPP agreement to distract the media and public. (more…)

The Internet Must Go – Funny Video Net Neutrality

Here’s a funny video from Move On about the net neutrality issue. This is the most important free speech issue since the the creation of the establishment of free speech way back in the late 1770s. Warning: It’s 90 minutes long.

The Word “Oligarchy” Angrily Responds to the FCC’s New Fascist Net Neutrality Proposal

The Word Oligarchy Angrily Responds To The FCC's New Net Neutraility Plans

The Word Oligarchy Angrily Responds To The FCC's New Net Neutraility Plans

The FCC recently announced plans to introduce new neutrality rules that some folks feel are the opposite of neutral. This week, the word “oligarchy” angrily contacted me, Sativa Sue, the only beautiful giant blogging bud of sativa marijuana, to demand that we publish its thoughts on what it, the word Oligarchy, calls these troublesome net neutrality developments.
How does a bud of sativa marijuana interview a word? Magic happens in the world of fiction known as HarryBalls.com (more…)

New Mike Judge Show Silicon Valley Season 1 Trailer from HBO

Here’s the trailer for a new Mike Judge show called “Silicon Valley” which we assume will satirize Silicon Valley. Mr. Judge created Beavis & Butthead, Office Space and King of the Hill. The HarryBalls team wonders if someone who hasn’t worked in Silicon Valley will capture the satire properly. It’s definitely a unique place to work and live. Silicon Valley debuts on HBO April 6th.

Comedian TJ Miller and Martin Star seem to be the most well known folks in the show.

Space Janitors Season 3 Kickstarter Campaign

Davin Lengyel, Geoff Lapaire, Andy Hull, the writers of Space Janitors, a funny sci-fi comedy homage to Star Wars announced definitive plans to produce a third season. Space Janitors centers in the lives of two twenty something janitors, Mike and Darby and their friends, who work in dead end jobs on a death star like evil space vessel. One of these two characters’ father may be a rebel leader.

They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 to help complete season. Perks include access to their Janitor Locker which contains producer commentaries, outtakes, unreleased shorts and promo videos, audition tapes, soundtracks, 3d models and sound effects used in the show.

You can watch the complete second season of Space Janitors here.

Jon Stewart Facial Expression of the Day

Jon Stewart-Facial-Expression-of-the-day

Jon Stewart-Facial-Expression-of-the-day

Here’s our Jon Stewart Facial Expression of the day from his bit about Charlie Rose’s interview with Syria’s President Assad from this clip. Apologies to anyone watching this on a tablet or mobile device because Comedy Central uses the flash media player which doesn’t work on mobile devices. Not sure when they are going to get their shit together.

Rock Jocks Sci Fi Comedy Movie Starring Felicia Day

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild, stars in a new sci fi comedy called Rock Jocks which centers on the under achieving employees of AMI, The Asteroid Management initiative who lack ambition, attention spans and a budget when a massive asteroid belt arrives at earth’s doorstep. Will Rock Jocks win an Oscar? Maybe? Will you enjoy Rock Jocks? Definitely a possibility. (more…)

Funny Video – SDK Hell

Find out what happens when Ivan the app developer meets Susan, a representative of the Super Duper Ad Network in this funny animated video authored by John Busher.

Jesus Show: Zuckerberg Facebook Graph Search

Watch what happens when Mark Zuckerberg visits The Jesus Show to promote the Facebook Graph Search. This satirical parody comedy video was written and directed by John Busher. Animation provided by Xtranormal.