Hero Academy Free Multiplayer iOS Game

Robot Entertainment released their first mobile game called Hero Academy, a multi-player tactics game where users create custom armies to battle their friends on the iOS platform. Gamers can play the Hero Academy for free while buying elements of the game like teams of Dark elves $0.99, Uniform Colors $0.99, Ten Taunts $0.99 as well as other items (more…)

Egg Punch Free iOS Game Download

Denmark based Pixel Juice released Egg Punch, a 3D egg themed miniature golf puzzle platform game for your IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch for free with in-app purchases. In a Egg Punch, a sneaky rabbit stole the feathers from the bird, the hero character. What’s with everyone attacking the birds? Anyway the game player must recover those feathers by aiming the egg (as opposed to the golf) at the feathers situated on each hole of the golf course. Pixel Juice designed each hole with obstacles like the ones you would find on a real world miniature golf course. You can earn coins or buy them through the in-app purchase system. Coins enable you to buy virtual items like new colorful eggs. (more…)

Casper’s Costume Closet IPad Game Download

Mindshapes, a mobile education company, released Casper’s Costume Closet for the iOS platform – IPad, IPhone, and IPod Touch for $2.99 from the ITunes/Apple App Store. Mindshapes designed Casper’s Costume Closet to help children ages three to seven strengthen short-term memory.

Casper’s Costume Closet iOS Game Download $2.99