Grudger Running Platform Game Out On Android

How noble are your muffins? We had to ask because we came across a fun running style platform game called Grudger created by a game studio going by the name Noble Muffins which is a collaboration between developers Toby Grierson, Jack Dog and team philosopher Adamus Forestus. What does a team philosopher do? (more…)

Monsters Kickstarter Game Project

Reve Studios and Gray Squid Division want your help. Well. actually they want you to back their 2d platform puzzle game called Monsters, due out on iOS, PC and Mac platforms, at Kickstarter. They have eight days to raise about $62,000. Help them. (more…)

Mr Legs Android Game Download

Mr Legs Android Platform Game

James Games, described as a UK based new independent micro studio released Mr Legs, a interesting and unique platform game for Android for $0.99. The game features Mr Legs, the best cherry picker in the land. The Mr Legs game player must adjust his height by increasing or shortening the length of his legs as he traverses the platform collecting cherries. (more…)

Silvester Adventure iOS Platform Game Update

Independent developer, Sim Chia Tek, released an update to Silvester Adventure, a puzzle platform game playable on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In the game you play both as the main character Silvester and his shadow. You must guide Silvester in his quest while also protecting his shadow by keeping him in the safe shadow range. We think Silvester Adventure offers an interesting twist beyond the standard platform game. For the update Sim Chia Tek added GameCenter integration and English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese support. Silverster Adventure comes a in lite and paid version for $1.99 (more…)

Lumi IPad Puzzle Platform Game

Foundation Games released Lumi , an HD action puzzle game for the IPad priced at $2.99. The game features Lumi, a creature who players must guide to save the universe. Darkness reigns in this universe but Lumi has the ability to lighten things up so to speak. Using Lumi’s abilities players must use magnetism and light through the keyboard controls to play Lumi. Foundation Games plans to release Lumi for the IPhone and IPhod Touch December 20th. (more…)

Contre Jour IPad Game of the Year

Apple named Contre Jour the IPad Game of the Year. Created by Mokus and published by Chillingo, Contre Jour enables the user to change the landscape to help you solve each level. For example if you can use your finger to make a piece of flat land ramp up or incline so Petit, the main character, can roll down the hill. Contre Jour’s video trailer showcases this feature. Contre Jour reminds us a bit of the World of Goo with darker visuals. Consumers can download Contre Jour to their IPad, IPhone and Ipod Touch both in “regular” and HD versions. (more…)

Elf Rescue iOS Platform Game Download

Lapland Studios released Elf Rescue, an action platform game allegedly approved by Santa Claus. Santa also interviewed for a job at Lapland Studios seen above in the video. Elf Rescue costs $0.99. (more…)

Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds iOS Game Download

Dingo Games released one of our favorite indie games Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds on the iOS platform for a special introductory price of $0.99. We gave Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds PC version a 5 out of 5 rating. You can read the review here. The game player must direct the lovable little ball of goo to items he must eat to grow. The items include small little balls, test tubes, batteries, frogs and even cuddly mice. In the PC version of the game, the player uses the mouse or the arrow keys to guide the goo ball around the screen to his snacks. In the iOS version of Tasty Planet 2 the players’s device – the IPhone or IPad inherits the mouse/arrow keys’ role requiring the user to tilt the IPhone or IPad to move the goo ball so he can eat things required to grow.

Dingo Games provided this description of Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds:

Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds IPod Game Download

Tasty Planet 2 Back of Seconds IPad Game Download

“Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds is the sequel to Dingo Games’ popular iPhone game, Tasty Planet. The sequel has many improvements over the original. Levels can now span vastly different object sizes; players can grow from the size of an amoeba to the size a galaxy within a single level. There is also a huge variety of new entities that players get to eat.

Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds IPod Game Download

Tasty Planet 2 Back of Seconds IPad Game Download

The game’s story begins with the goo eating a time machine, causing him to be sent back in time. Players will eat their way through six different time periods: modern, Late Cretaceous (i.e. dinosaurs), Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Feudal Japan, and the distant future. Each time period features a unique set of objects for players to eat. Mice, cats, Tyrannosaurus Rex, mummies, gladiators, and flying saucers are just a few of the hundreds of objects available for consumption.

Also released today was the iPad version of the game, Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds HD. This version of the game uses the iPad’s larger screen for a two player cooperative campaign mode in which each player controls their own goo.”

Tasty Planet 2 Back for Seconds IPod Game Download

Tasty Planet 2 Back of Seconds IPad Game Download

Midnight Mansion HD Game Download

Actionsoft released the HD version of Midnight Mansion which runs on both PPC and Intel Macs, and requires OS X 10.4 or higher, and portions of the game can be played for free. The Midnight Mansion HD user playing as Jack Malone, explores eleven mansions, each filled with traps, puzzles, and secrets, as you search for legendary treasure. (more…)

Icarus Retro Game Download

Icarus Game Download

Justin Scott, an independent game developer, released Icarus, a downloadable retro platform game for the PC priced at whatever consumers want to pay for it with a recommended price of $7.00. Justin Scott describes Icarus as “a 2D ambient platformer game for Windows featuring retro aesthetics, unique game mechanics, and an engaging atmosphere.” We love retro graphics but we wish Justin made the characters a little bigger. We would also like to see a more detailed explanation of the goals of story game play.

Icarus Retro Game Download

Icarus System Requirements:

Icarus was created for the PC using XNA and thus has certain minimum requirements in order to run. Your computer must be running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. In addition you must have a graphics card that supports at least Shader Model 2.0 and DirectX 9.0c. Shader Model 2.0 was introduced in 2002 and DirectX 9.0c in 2004, so most modern Windows computers shouldn’t have a problem there.

The installer will automatically install the XNA prerequisites, but the .NET Framework v4.0 must be installed first. This can be found either bundled with the installer or here.

Icarus Game Download

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