Cling Puzzle “Pegformer” Game Download

Sometimes being clingy can be a good thing especially in the new game from Florida based First 5 games called Cling described as a puzzle “pegformer” out on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices for $2.99 plus in app purchases of gumdrop packs to accelerate your progress with the pegs. (more…)

Who Upgraded The Zombies? Crazy Bill Did.

Spain based Ivanovich Games released Crazy Bill, a new free ad supported action arcade game employing retro visuals, offering non stop action and features Zombie Celebrity lookalikes who do more than just moan while stumbling around the screen. Consumers can play Crazy Bill on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. An Android version of Crazy Bill may popup in the future. (more…)

Noble Nutlings Free on the IPhone and IPad

“How noble are your nutlings?” asks Oops. We couldn’t resist. Meet Sydney(Blue), Abe (red)and Lemmy(yellow), the squirrelly stars of The Noble Nutlings, a physics platform racing game from a new indie game studio called Boomlagoon, formed by three alumni from Rovio, creators of Angry Birds. Video gamers can play Noble Nutlings for free with in app purchases on their IPhones, IPads and IPod Touch devices. (more…)

Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye Game Download

California based My Game Company released Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye, a fun family friendly platform game consumers. Dirk Dashing 2 costs $19.99. Consumers can play the Dirk Dashing 2 on their PC, Mac and or Linux computers.

In Dirk Dashing 2, you play Dirk Dashing, a James Bond type of Super Spy who must track down the source of a virus that destroys a computer network of his employer G.O.O.D. Turns out the a Dr No like character named Dr. EGO concocted the virus. The creators of Dirk Dashing injected an element similar to one aspect of the Splinter Cell series starring Sam Fisher from Ubisoft. When Dirk Dashing wonders into a shaded area he becomes difficult to see.

My Good Company hand painted the scenery using acrylic and watercolor paints over a three year period. Dirk Dashing 2 offers fun distraction for kids and families without any violence. You can download a free demo to determine if you want to shell out $19.99.

Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye Desktop Game Download $19.99

Sheep Up iOS Puzzle Platform Game Download

Italy based Bad Seed Entertainment released Sheep Up!, a top down puzzle platform bouncy bouncy tilt game for $0.99. You guide the single sheep through 20 levels by tilting your device as the sheep bounces along the path while avoiding the black chasm of death. (more…)

Carl The Spider iOS Platform Game Download

Oklahoma based Tagger Games released Carl The Spider, a platform game available for download on the iOS platform for $0.99. In Carl the Spider you help guide the spider through the level by touching and holding the spot the spider should aim his web. You must hold the touch on the spot until the Spider is over his target area. Once you release Carl drops hopefully onto the right landing zone. You have to be fairly precise when touching the screen because Tagger Game hasn’t left much room for error when moving the spider along his path. If you miss then spot the spider dies. You will understand how to play Carl the Spider but it will be tough to master. (more…)

Temple Run Coming to Android March 27th

Independent game developers Imangi Studios announced plans to release Temple Run, a great running platform game, on the Android platform March 27th in a free to play model. You guide the main Indiana Jones type character as he escapes a Temple on the run down ancient walls and along sheer cliffs. You have to swipe your device to make sharp turns, avoid obstacles, collect coins to see how far he can run.

You can find more information about Imangi Studios at their web site.

In case you own an iOS device you download Temple Run at the ITunes app store link.

Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon iOS Adventure Game Download

Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon -Timorous Fizzle Creature

Tim Fishlock and Giles Hammond created and released Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon, a visually stunning platform adventure game for the IPhone, IPod Touch and the IPad requiring iOS 3.2 or later for $0.99. You help guide Sir Benfro as he travel the world using his “Brilliant” balloon for transportation as he discovers new lands and creatures. You must gently touch the screen to power the balloons ascent into the air making sure to guide the balloon into fireflies who provide the power. Removing your finger from the screen causes the balloon to descend. Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon is definitely one of the more unique games our fingers have played with in while. (more…)

Monkey Bump IPhone and IPad Game Download

Pom Pom Games released Monkey Bump, a simple arcade game for $0.99 for the IPhone and IPad. The game player must tap the screen just below the monkey to make him climb the tree while consuming fruit to power his vertical trip. Monkey Bump does offer simple game play. The game play has to get used to tapping the screen at the exact location to get the monkey to “bump” up the tree. We can see how Monkey Bump might get addicting or frustrating depending on your eye hand coordination skills.

Monkey Bump IPhone Game Download $0.99
Monkey Bump IPad Game Download $0.99

Run Like Hell Yeti Edition Android Game Download

Mass Creation released Run Like Hell Yeti Edition, a free platform game for the Android platform staring Yeti. Does the Yeti get royalties? Who is his agent.

Run Like Hell Yeti Edition takes place in extreme locals in extreme weather conditions where the Yeti chases you as you run over and around obstacles as you would in a platform game. You must move faster than the Yeti, because he’s surprisingly quick. If he catches you, your fucked. Mass Creation embedded the game controls right on the screen which we prefer. (more…)

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