Escape Rose Cliff Island Hidden Object Game Review and Game Download

Game Review by Debbie Lester
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

Escape Rosecliff Island Game Download

Gazebo’s, boathouses, cellars and porches! These are just some of the scenes in the new SpinTop game, Escape Rosecliff Island. This hidden object game is full of surprises. While there are a lot of similarities to another SpinTop series, Escape Rosecliff Island is still packs a punch for the casual gamer.


The player becomes a castaway on Rosecliff Island after being shipwrecked during a terrible storm. The player must visit different areas all over the island in search of materials that will help them get off the island, like a full gas can or a compass. In order to do this the player must find items and solve puzzles.

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Dream Chronicles The Chosen Child Game Review and Free Game Download

Game Review by Debbie Lester
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls

Download and Buy Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child

Fairies, crystal balls, and disappearing objects! These are just a few of wondrous things you’ll find in the third installation of The Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. In this adventure game meets hidden object game gamers will be enchanted by not only the story, but the music and graphics as well.

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