Outlands 8 Bit Cartoon Episode 3

In the third episode of Outlands, an 8 Bit cartoon created by Adam de la Pena, the crew of Titanic II, find themselves rescued on a planet by the handsomest man in universe named after a real actor. Check it out.

Aliens Need Burgers out on iOS and Android

Who eats burgers? We don’t but apparently aliens do at least in the fun game called Aliens Need Burgers from California based Pick Up and Play available for free on both iOS and Android.

Aliens Need Burgers Download Links:

Android/Google Store

In Aliens Need Burgers you defend the earth from hungry alien actively invading our planet. You direct an outward bound satellite laser weapon by tapping on each of the advancing alien space vessels. The number of alien craft increases but so does the number of earth friendly vehicles like space shuttles and satellites. You lose a life when you destroy the wrong vehicle or the alien ships get close enough direct a tractor beam which pulls up the cows.

Kids and families will enjoy this game while adults looking for a more violent game action should look elsewhere. Aliens Need Burgers could help children enhance their hand eye coordination. Alien Need Burgers plays better on larger devices due to the dark space background.

Traxion Arcade Shoooter out on iOS and Mac

A press release for a physics arcade shooter game called Traxion published by Game Foundation and created by Blue Chip landed in our in box this morning. Consumers can play Traxion on their iPhones, iPads or on the old fashioned Mac computer for $1.99. Who would call a Mac computer old fashioned? (more…)

Space Keeper Free Android Game Download

Here’s Space Keeper, a unique new action arcade Android game from CodaWeb Interactive UG.

The game takes place in the year 2312 where all natural resources have dried up. You have to find and collect elements in outer space to create new sources of energy. The game mechanic employs lots of physics.

Obstacles include explosive particles, asteroids and aliens. You will need logic, speed and dexterity to succeed.

Space Keeper Free Android Game Download

Space Janitors Episode One on Geek and Sundry

Post and Interview by John Busher

What would life be like for a janitor living and working on the Deathstar? Would the janitor aspire to lead a more sinister role on the Deathstar or would you keep your head down, do your job, save your payback to buy some land in retirement? (more…)

Angry Birds Space Game Download

Rovio, with the help of NASA scientist Don Pettit, announced a March 22 launch date for the next chapter in the Angry Birds saga called “Angry Birds Space”. Somehow the pigs and birds have escalated their battle royal to earth’s orbit. The Angry Birds Space game player will have to take the physics of space into consideration when trying to demolish the helpless cute friendly wouldn’t stab you in the back pigs. It looks like Rovio will release Angry Birds Space for iOS, Android, PC and the Mac all on March 22nd.

We have to ask haven’t the birds had enough “so called” revenge?

Unstoppable Gorg Lite IPad Game Download

Unstoppable Gorg Tower Defense IPad Game Download

Future Mark Studios released a lite version of their 1950’s Sci-Fi themed tower defense game called Unstoppable Gorg for the IPad. The game takes place in earth’s orbit where you must build weapons to defend the satellites and ultimately earth. As the Gorg’s various attacking space ships approach you can change the orbital positions of the defensive weapons during the battle to maximize the damage inflicted in the Gorg crafts. (more…)

Gratuitous Space Battles Strategy Game Download

Gratuitous Space Battles Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

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You have to admire a game like Gratuitous Space Battles that doesn’t bother to sugar coat its premise with a fancy name. Players know exactly what they’re getting the moment they load up the demo.

Gratuitous Space Battles Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now! $22.99