Romantic Regency Solitaire From Grey Alien Games Out on Steam

Romantic Regency Solitaire Out on Steam

Romantic Regency Solitaire Out on Steam

Help Bella, a daughter of a respectable family in 1880’s England save her family’s fortune so she can marry her love rather than the odious neighbor Mr. Bleakley in this Regency Solitaire romantic version of the popular card game from Grey Alien Games. You can buy it on Steam for the PC now.

I love the Smell of Burnt Zombies in the Morning!

Guns Gore and Cannoli Video Game by Crazy Monkey Studios

Guns Gore & Cannoli Video Game by Crazy Monkey Studios

says Frank Cannoli, the gangster hero of “Guns, Gore & Cannoli”, an action packed side scrolling video game coming to the PC and Mac via Steam April 30th. The release date for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U will be announced in the near future. Crazy Monkey Studios created “Guns Gore & Cannolis”. (more…)

A Virus Named Tom PC Puzzle Game Out

Indie game developer Misfits Attic released their first pc game called “A Virus Named Tom”, a puzzle game on sale for 25% off the $9.99 price. A Virus Named Tom offers a well executed take on what we call a connect the pipes to let the water flow puzzle game. Don’t get us wrong. Misfits Attic designed very difficult puzzles. (more…)

Unstoppable Gorg Tower Defense Game Download

FutureMark Studios released their “revolutionary” tower defense game called Unstoppable Gorg, which pays homage to the classic sci fi alien invasion movies from the 1950s. Consumers can buy and download Unstoppable Gorg from Steam on sale for the PC and Mac computers for $8.99 (10% off the normal $9.99 price) and thru the Apple App store for the IPad for $4.99. The Gorg attack our planet after we send two good will ambassadors to their planet to say “Hey What’s up?” (more…)

Orcs Must Die PC Game Download

Indie game developer Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die, a downloadable action strategy game for sale on the PC through Steam today for $14.99. Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die for Xbox 360 last week. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download

Consumers can finally play Worms Ultimate Mayhem on their PC or XBox 360s assuming they buy it from Stream or the XBox Live Arcade first :O). Worms Ultimate Mayhem costs 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and £10.99/€12.99/$14.99 for PC from Steam. Playstation Network users will have to wait until later this year to download and play Worms Ultimate Mayhem. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Trailer

Team 17 released this trailer for their Worms Ultimate Mayhem strategy game, the latest in the Worms franchise due out soon for the XBox 360, PC and the PS3. Gamers can pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Steam now for $13.99. (more…)

Bunch of Heroes Indie Game Download

NGD Studios, a Latin American independent game developer released their downloadable 4 player cooperative top-down shooter indie action game called Bunch of Heroes on Steam and Gamersgate for $8.99. (more…)

Jamestown Shooter Game Download

Final Form Games released Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, their downloadable top down shooter game set on the planet Mars in the 17th century. Jamestown looks very interesting and the concept of colonizing Mars in the 17th century entertains us to no end. Consumers can buy Jamestown for $9.99 from Steam, Direct2Drive and Gamersgate (links below). Jamestown allows four gamers to play together. (more…)

Duke Nukem Forever Download Pre-Order

Duke Nukem Forever Download Pre-Order

Duke Nukem Forever will hit North American retail shelves on June 14th. Consumers pre-order the digital download of Duke Nukem Forever now from Direct2Drive, Steam and Onlive for $44.99.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Download

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